The Muslim Woman

4bcf6-slide1By Tara Umm Omar
Copyright 21 June 2001

In Arabic you can call her Amatullah which in English means female slave of Allah.

The Muslim woman is the most liberated woman on earth.

When you look at her you are forced to judge her not based upon her physical appearance but her intellect. She does not conform to the fashion craze therefore she escapes being labeled as a sexual object. Instead she conforms to the laws that Allah Most High commanded.

The look of peace and happiness on her face defies the stereotype that she is “oppressed.” And how could she be oppressed when she competes for the pleasure of Allah Most High rather than men?

The veil on her head does not measure her intelligence no more than it does for a Christian nun. It measures her level of modesty. For the Muslim woman, the veil signifies her love and respect for Allah Most High. In return, she is protected from molestation and her honor is guarded. Her beauty is hid from the prying eyes of men and saved for her husband. If you had a rare diamond, would you display it for all to see or would you want to safeguard it?

You ridicule the Muslim woman in the summer time because she is covered head to toe, sometimes even her face is not shown. Perhaps you speculate that she must be hot. Of course she is hot but she knows hell is hotter. Maybe you would change your mind if you knew that for every drop of sweat the Muslim woman sheds because of her veiling, she is going to be rewarded for it insha’Allah. This is what encourages her and gives her strength.

While feminists in non-­Muslim societies have been fighting for their rights to be equal to men the Muslim woman achieved this status of equality over 1400 plus years ago. In Islam, men and women are already equal it is just that they were created for different roles and responsibilities. Therefore, the Muslim woman doesn’t have to demonstrate her physical prowess in order to be considered capable of performing a man’s job. Non-­Muslim women are working the same job as their male counterparts but getting paid less. So much for the fight for equality!

The Muslim woman is the shepherd of her home so this frees her of the responsibility to work. Her husband is the one that provides for her, their family and household. This does not mean that she is totally confined to the home, she can go out for her needs as long as she is observing the dress of modesty. So what if a Muslim woman wants to work? Whatever she earns is hers to keep and her husband can’t take it without her permission. Sounds good? Not only is her money off limits to her husband, she doesn’t even have to pay the bills.

And how is the status of the Muslim woman in Islam? As a mother she ranks third after Allah Most High and the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. All Muslims are instructed to take care of their mother, their mother, their mother and then their father. The treatment of the Muslim woman by her children is to put her in such high regard that they must pass under her feet in order to get to Heaven. She is awarded this special status because she bears her children upon nine months of hardship and rears them upon hardship.

What a privileged life Islam offers for the Muslim woman thanks be to Allah Most High! Next time you see a Muslim woman maybe you won’t pity her….you will envy her. If you are a non-­Muslim woman reading this, I invite you to become a Muslim Woman.

Photo credit: Precious Muslimah




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