My Situation

I will write about my situation when it is finally complete.


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Family historian of Broussard, Gregory, Sledge and Williams family tree

6 thoughts on “My Situation”

  1. Bismillaah

    Assalaamu Alaikum Warahmatuhlahi Wabarakatuh!

    May Allaah exchange this for yo uwith that which is better immediately! Subhan Allaah, Ukthi I am sooo sorry to hear of this problem. I can’t believe it, such atrocious & ridiculous laws. My eyes welled up as I read your story and my heart yearns and aches for you to get your marriage papers you so rightly deserve. I love you for the sake of Allaah. Don’t worry Ukti, this is purifying you and your beloved husband, insha Allaah. Imagine the beautiful gardens of Jannaah where the leaves have veins made of gold. Al-kauther whiter than milk, colder than ice and sweeter than honey with your patience yo uwill taste this delicious drink on the day of recompense when no soul can avail another. There will be no shade but Allaah’s and no drink but for the rightly guided. And how delicous a drink that will be! A drink that ends all thirst forever. Congratulations are due for the patient!!!

    I am sooo happy to see you have a blog maasha Allaah! I love it~ I linked to you and I really hope you will do the same insha Allaah. It is wonderful to hear from you, please keep in touch with me.

    Sincerely & Gratefully
    Halimah bint David

  2. Wa Alaikum Salam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh

    BarakAllahu feeki ameen for the support! I’m very touched by your words.

    Jazaki’Allahu khair linking to me. And if you haven’t noticed it by you, I put your WordPress blog on my blogroll. I like the picture you use masha’Allah.

    Take care of yourself and stay in touch insha’Allah.

    May He whose sake you love me for, love you.

    FiAmanAllah, Tara Umm Omar

  3. Bismillaah

    Wa’Alaykaam Assalaam Warahmatuhlahi Wabaraktauh!

    Ma’asha Allaah! Jazzaka Allaahu Khair! I miss you, by the way. I hope you are doing really well, insha Allaah. Alhamdulillaah ya rabbial alamiin I am soo happy that you like my pic. 😀

    Amiin to your dua

    Sincerely & Gratefully
    Halimah bint David
    Come check out todays blog insha Allaah, would love your input 😉

  4. Asalamu Alaikum

    Wa iyaki. I’m doing fine alhamdulillah. Or at least I try not to complain! Gonna have a look at your blog now insha’Allah.

    FiAmanAllah, Tara Umm Omar

  5. Come to Jubai and have my dhintroduce your dh to the judge who gave us a marriage certificate. we only had a verbal marriage. when we tried to get visas from the saudi embassy in bahrain to come here they wanted to see a marraige certificate but we did not have one…they let us slide alhamduillah. after being here for 3 years we decided that we better get some documentation of our marriage and we went to the Jubail courthouse. The judge saw the kids, tursudted us and took our word that we were indeed married islamically. he then drilled us and wrote out a certificate. my husband has since gone back to him for other matters and he has always been helpful. maybe they can go togther and my dh can ‘vouch’ for yours insha’Allah.

  6. I got excited when I read this, jazaki’Allahu khair for thinking about us. Will discuss this further on email insha’Allah.

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