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Sharon ‘hospital pic’ on sale
12/02/2006 21:59 – (SA),,2-10-1462_1879895,00.html

Jerusalem – A photograph allegedly showing the ailing Israeli leader Ariel Sharon in a Jerusalem hospital bed is being offered for sale for a massive $18 000 (about R110 340) on the internet auction site, eBay.

The blurry photograph shows someone lying in a hospital bed with his face digitally distorted, with the seller promising the winner “exclusive rights” to the original photo picture.

Israeli public television said later the photograph was obviously a fake, in particular as the room shown was not the one in which Sharon was being treated.

The unnamed seller claims to be a delivery boy working for a Jerusalem florist who took the picture with the camera on his cellphone.

“Last Friday, I was asked to bring flowers to Hadassah Hospital,” the seller claimed, saying he snapped a picture after being shown into the seventh-floor room where the prime minister was lying.

40 days in a coma

So far, no bids have been made for the photograph, and the auction is due to expire on Wednesday.

Sharon remained critically ill in Jerusalem’s Hadassa Hospital on Sunday, a day after undergoing emergency surgery to remove part of his intestines as he entered his 40th day in a coma.

The 77-year-old was taken to hospital on January 4 after having a massive stroke and has been comatose since then.

Doctors have been trying to gradually bring him out of the coma.



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