Muslim Shop Owner Foils Robbery: Would-Be Robber Takes Shahadah

Asalamu Alaikum

By MuslimReverts. ..

Mohammed Sohail of Shirley, NY, A Compassionate Muslim grocery store owner who turned the tables on a would be robber with his unloaded shotgun.

Having lost the upper hand, the thief falls to his knees begging for mercy and that’s when the kind hearted shop owner felt bad for him and gave him $40 and asked him to promise to never rob anyone again. The big surprise was that the thief was so grateful that he wanted to be a Muslim, just like the kind store owner, and that’s when Muhammad Sohail asked him to raise his hand and the repentant robber actually took his Shahada right then and there and they shock hands on that promise.

The shop owner also gave him some bread and turned around to get him some milk from the fridge, and that’s when the burglar ran out.

No one knows what will be of him, but we hope that this kind brother left a great impression on him and we also hope that he does indeed visit Masjid and sincerely learns more about Islam and actually become a Muslim. That would without a doubt help set him straight.

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FiAmanAllah, Tara Umm Omar


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One thought on “Muslim Shop Owner Foils Robbery: Would-Be Robber Takes Shahadah”

  1. Alhamdullilah,we hope and pray that he will visit a mosque to learn more about islam. Brother Mohammed Sohail is also commended for his generosity and bringing an additional soul to the fold of Islam.

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