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JazakumAllahu khair,

Tara Umm Omar

# once, my alarm rang and I just lay there trying to decide if I should just skip class and sleep longer. I decided not to skip class and as I sat up I was face to face with the jinn. it looked like it was kneeling at the foot of the bed watching me sleep. I remember it had one hand outstretched like it was going to pet my cat that was sleeping on my feet. It was as if I had startled it, because it had jerked it’s hand back away from me a bit then stopped. When it stood up,it looked like it was nearly over six feet. I was absolutely scared to death I remember saying Allah help me and praying. at times I wish I wasn’t such a coward so I could maybe have talked to it.

# one time in pakistan, i was sitting with my grandma in our living room when suddenly we heard a knock on the door. when i opened the door, there was no one there. so, i concluded it mustve been a jinn. i was really scared.

# I was at my cousin house. We were babysitting her 3 year old brother. This day we were alone & cleaned the entire house. There were NO toys anywhere. We went to the basement. We came back up & the boy was asleep. We went back down to the basement and out of the blue a toy train came down the steps & went floor. We were very scared & could not move because the train would move along with us blocking our path. We then ran up the steps closed the door & locked it & went to see if the boy was awake to have sent it down the steps. He was sound asleep & nothing was out of place. JINN AT THEIR FINEST!

# once at night, i was just about to go to sleep wen i heard a big bang. something in the room had fel. so i opened the light and just by the end of my bunkbed, i found the clock. it had fallen by itself from right across the other room. but it looked like it had been THROWN ACROSS the room. i couldnt go to sleep after that and kept praying bcos i was scared.

# One night I woke up remembering that I left the bathroom light on but now it was off. I attempted to leave my bed when I saw several hands from beneath my bed trying to snatch me. They were of assorted colors,three fingers,claws for finger nails. I jumped to my brothers bed and got under the covers. I sensed a presence and I saw what I believe to be a Jinn at my bedroom door. For some reason my brother would not wake up no matter how much I nudged him. The Jinn walked toward me and gestured it’s hand as if I was suppose to take it and go with it. I didn’t take it but hid under the covers until dawn. The Jinn came back again the next night with the same gesture for me to take it’s hand and go some where with it. Again I refused. It never came back.

# I don’t think that Jinn are something to fear inshallah. If we protect ourselves and our children from them, then inshallah they can’t hurt us. The first major encounter with a jinn was a couple years back subhanallah. I had sent my kids to bed. About a half an hour later they came downstairs crying saying that someone was in the room. They told me that two people came under the door. My kids were on the bed at that time. They said the jinn, a boy and a girl, went under the bed and started shaking the bed subhanallah. Then the jinn came out and my son (4 years old) told them to leave mashallah. And the jinn left out the window subhanallah. I believe that my kids (4 & 5 years) saw jinn because they were really scared. May Allah protect us all from His creations.

# My friends and family have experienced jinns that have appeared in such forms as: one that looks like the Minautor with red eyes (man with a bull’s head) who cut the power and was walking towards them until the person ran out of the house; a three-fingered short alien who communicated telepathically and had a dog-like companion; trolls with forked tails and red-eyed ones that appeared when all lights were out; one that looks like Cousin It from the Addams Family and shuffled through the room in front of two people and disappeared behind the couch; We seek refuge in Allah and say the ayat ul-Kursi (2:255) as well as other things that the shayateen flee from. All praise is due to Allah, and may He protect us all. Peace be unto you Brothers and Sisters.

# once in the afternoon my brother and i were both sitting in his room and reading. Suddenly the light got turned off. i looked up at him expecting and explanation for turning off the light but to my surprise he was far away from the switch and also had the same surprised expression. we both looked at the switch and it was off. my brother asked me suspiciously if i had done that. “ofcourse not!” i replied. Then we decided to ignore this happening and resumed reading our novels. after about 4 minutes the light got turned on again. quickly both of us again turned to look at the switch and this time it was on!!! the switch was not the type to change its positions itself…we both think it must have been a jinn.

# I went to sleep very late one night (my 2 brothers who were sharing the room with me since my husband was a broad were fast asleep), and suddenly, i don’t know after how long i had fallen asleep, i felt as if though someone was calling me. I just opened my eyes,(didn’t move any part of my body) and saw a fully clothed guy, holding a baby in his arms watching me, in that dazed mood in the middle of the night i was wondering what my brother was doing holding my 1 year old son (who was asleep in the other room)…then to my astonishment this person started fading away like a cloud…subahaanallah……the puzzle in my mind….was it a jinn???

# One mid-night when i was going back to bed from the toilet, i brushed past my husband who was also on his way to the toilet….and i just went and fell on my bed and after a few seconds i felt heavy shifting of on the other side of the bed as if though someone was turning over in his sleep…..to my utmost horror..it was my husband…..who was it i met on the way back from the toilet?…now when i think of it, the person whom i met, was several inches shorter than my husband though looked identically like him. (i even heard the toilet door close behind him).i really know that it was a jinn…and i pray to Allah that i’ll never ever have any more jinn sightings.

# well , i experience a jinn every nite , when i go 2 sleep i always hear footsteps when theres nothin there, but im not really scared it dont harm me in any way , it just makes a noise here and there

# There is a story about two sort of jinn’s they are called Gog and M’gog there is even an ‘aya’ in the Quran ”……ya Gog and M’Gog…..”(from surat al kahaf(the cave)aya no. 93.The story is one day they were killing alot of people so allah done a wall on them and they started digging every day but then they get tierd so they have a sleep then they wake up and find the wall higher so everything happens the other days.In Jugdement day allah might let them out.

# one day i was in bed and i heard a knock on the wall i said to my brother is that you? he said no so i quiqly ran downstairs and told my mum and i was sure no-one was in the room.So we went upstairs and looked in the room next to us but there was no-one in there.I thought it MIGHT have been a Jinn.

# There was this one lady who got married, well so far nothing strange right? right. The two couple had a son and the father gave the wife something and told her to take their son to a cave and put the stuff that he gave her on his eye and not to put it on her eye, so she did put it on the babies eye and hers, when the two couple were in a store she saw that he was a jinn and saw him in his true form. Subhanallah may Alla (s.w.t)protect us all.

# One weekend, my mother, grandma and sis’s all went to go shopping at some indian store (im indian) so any ways, i was downstairs doing a project and i needed some glue so i went upstairs into im mothers room to get some. as i walked out of my mothers room… All of the sudden i heard very very loud thumps going up the stairs. It sounded like a big fat lady was running upstairs. The loud thumps ended 3 feet away from me!!! I was terrified… without out a doubt, i knew it was a jinn. I was frozen for a few seconds… than i slowely went back into my mothers room and locked the door. Than, that is when the walls started banging, like if spiderman was crawling up and down the walls. i was sooooo scared

# Well ive had a few experiance’s 1st: I was in bangladesh sitting in my living room when through the ventilation shaft i saw two big orange eyes just staring at me, at first i looked in amazment and then i ran out of the room called my aunt and when we went back inside it was gone. 2nd : I was asleep one night only to be woken up to hear banging on the door it sounded like 2 or 3 women calling me to come out, thinking it was my sister and cousins i told them to shut up and go away but the i glanced at the clock and it was 2:30am and i froze with fear knowing it was somthing else, and i heard them for another 30 minuits till a fell asleep again. 3rd Well ill leave you with two storys.

# my name is zakir 99 once i was reciting the holy QURAN at night lonely.when i recite any verse someone recite same with meeeee.i was very very scaredddd

# This has happened to me! It seemed that at a particular verse I read, someone was reciting it along with me. I would stop and the continue just to make sure and it would happen again. Maybe it is the angels or the Muslim jinn who do so, allahu alim.

# Assalamu’alaikum, When my daughter was a few weeks old, I would have to stay at home alone with her until my grandmother came, because my husband was working.We lived in a house with burglar bars on all the windows and doors.I always kept them securely locked, and no one could enter unless I unlocked them. One day, my daughter was asleep in her bassinet, and I went to the restroom.My daughter started crying and suddenly I saw a shadow, like that of someone walking by the door towards my daughters room.Then my daughter stopped crying.SubhanAllah, I knew that someone had stopped her crying, whether it was Jinn or Angel, Allah only knows.Needless to say it scared me anyway, and I spent the next hour on the front porch waiting for my grandmother.

# as i was reading these, all ur chilling stories about jinns i got scared as im on my own right now writing this . well i felt strange like someone was in the room with while im reading scary stories.its so scary but i belive God is here and i dont get scared in fact if u do see a jinn ur faith will increase cos it proves Islam is teh right religion. we all know about jinns cos God told us. ive never seen a jinn but i have experienced one wen the clock fell across teh room by itslef. i mean ACROSS, not DOWN how it shud have.anyway i hope i never ever get influenced or experience any fears from jinns. i only fear God. sometimes God sends jinns to those who disobey God.

# tahts so cool about some1 reciting teh Quran with u, whoever it happened to, that is cooooool

# one night around midnight i was up late with my friends. we were in the bedroom with the lights off. we had the computer on. we were just talking about jinns. And all of a sudden the computer went off and then came back on again. None of us had touched it, and there was no storm outside. We all started screaming and we thought that it must have been a jinn

# My father actually told me this story. He was in libya where he is from. And one evening he was walking home from school. he came accross this old lady sitting under a tree combing her hair. He was reciting quran in his head. He said that as he approached the lady she ran soo fast down the hill. he said that he had never seen an old lady run that fast down the hill.

# i was sitting alone one night waiting for my husband to come home- the tv was on very low but i could still hear it slightly in the background as i was in another room in the house. all of a suddent the tv began to increase in volume all by it self- it reached a really loud volume and i froze- after a while i had the courage to go to the room where the tv was and turn it off

# Hi, one night i was sleeping facing upward, and suddenly in the middle of the night i saw this black figure standing next to me. I knew from the moment that figure is coming towards me. He ran towards me and then jump on me holding me down. I was paralasyed, could move, he holded me down tight and dont let me go. After a while he left, and it left me scared for one week. According to some people these comes only if u sleep facing up, so please dont sleep facing up.

# i was on my way home and as i got home i realised it was only me and my mother home. my mother was in the kitchen cooking, so i went upstairs to go to the bathroom and i noticed my sisters bedroom door was shut(nuthin strange there)so i went into the bathroom and left the door open as i was looking in the mirror i saw a human like figure walk past the corridoor and i heard my sisters door open. i left the bathroom to see if it was my sister and to my surprise there was no one in my sisters room and the door was open. dont know what it was but doors DO NOT open by themselves. YOU WORK IT OUT

# Hi, one day i was hovering in the mosque on my own. There was no one in the mosque with me, suddenly i saw this shadow going past inside the mosque, it was no sun shade, that day there was so little sun. I was so scared but then realised that it is mosque, no harm will happen, so i continues hovering with fear.

# I want to tell you about an incident that happend not so long ago somewere 2002.. anyway , I want to start with saying that Im pretty shour we have jinn[s]living here in my house, that´s pretty much a fact. I was here (the living room) and sitting on the computer as usual anyway I was teached to turn off the lights when they are not beeing used so I went to my room as I saw the lights were on , so I turned them on, (remeber there is no one in my room at the time) I turned it off and went back , little later I went back It was on , hmm I turned it off , again the lights went on, this time I thought its a jinn and we kept doing this around 5 times , closing and turning off light , there could been a small chanse that my mom could of turned it on , but I dont belive so ….

# i had uancle he had jiins evry time the jiins came on him he was changed once we were alone his eyes suddenly became red and started shavering his he told me somthing in another voice that was really from what he was speaking. he told me to fetch water for him i went and did i started speaking with him he was really good jiin he was muslim he gave me mor information about their lives he told me they were able to cross walls go as fast as possible and they burry their death friends in standing piont they were afraid of God

# Assalaamu Alaikum Only Allah swt has knowlegde of the ghaib we cannot see jnn and anyone who tells you they have seen a jinn need to fear Allah

# hello my brothers and sisters. well one day i was sitting with my mom and we heard somethig fall and we went to the kitchen and we found out it was my friend marcus. he is a jinn.

# This is from the moderator to the person that says we can’t see jinn. This is true to a point, we can’t see jinn in the ORIGINAL form that Allah ta’ala created them. However they are known to take many forms such as snakes, dogs, and YES even humans…as reported from the hadiths.

# once my brother and his friends were messing around with the ouija in our house…so after offending the jinn, a girl, my best friend kissed the coin and told him not to be offended/sad….after that life turned to hell…without going to details…but he was a very very bad jinn and i advise ppl here not to ever mess with the ouija

# I recently visited Pakistan to attend my cousin’s wedding. I arrived Jan. 18, 2003 and departed on May 2, 2003. My relatives used to live in a village and my aunt supposedly had the ability to talk to unseen beings. My cousin’s said they were fairies. I’ve yet to understand the differences between faries and Jinn but anyway, I was facinated by these stories they were telling me. I wanted to see these fairies or experience something paranormal. My wish came true. On April 1st, 2003… at about 11pm -12pm, my aunt was possessed by a “being”. She was breathing weird, and having convulsions….(contd)

# She was also super strong when we tried to hold her down. It took several of us to keep her still. Another interesting thing was that she was speaking Pashto. According my cousins and my aunt… she doesn’t speak or understand this language. Eventually we let go of my aunt believing the “being” was calm now, but still in control. We attempted to talk to it and find out what it wanted. “HE” wouldn’t tell us his name, nor why he was here. He did tell us that he wasn’t alone and that he had guests with him sitting alone in another part of the house and they wanted tea. My cousin told me that the fairies of that region have a fondness for green tea…(contd)

# Go figure. So we made green tea, placed it in the empty room that these other “guests” were staying in, shut the lights, exited the room and shut the door. After about 5 min. we went to check on the tea only to find that 1 cup was empty, 1 was half full, and the last one looked like it wasn’t touched. I was in awe! I wasn’t scared, in fact I really wanted to learn more about them. Well after sometime, my aunt (who was still possessed) was feeling pain throughout her body. We gave her a sleeping pill and the being went away…(end)

# Once when I was eight, I was walking home around six o’clock. I was with a friend at the time. The atmosphere outside was very eary because the sky was gray, and there was no noise whatsoever in the neighbourhood. Its bizarre because we didnt live too fary away from the freeway. Anyhow suddenly everything turned a shade of pink, then flashed to a shade of lime green. Cars, the road, houses, then everything looked normal again. I thought I was halluscinating, but my friend saw the same thing. We both ran home scared. The even stranger part is later on I met another Muslim boy last year who said he saw the very same thing when he was walking with his friend. I think it could have been some trick Jinn were playing on us, but Allah knows best.

# asalam u alaikum I think that the excorsist is scary because it is true YAMAAAAAAAA

# My Grandfather who has passed away, May Allah have mercy on him. My grandfather told me that when he wass asleep jinns use to bother him, by moving his feet, or talking the blanket off of him. He knew it was the jinns but he was not scared. He lived in the village in Pakistan.

# Once i was asleep, and i was just thinking about nothing in particular. Then when i finally fully fell asleep, something felt like it was sitting on me. i tried to say the acuudu bilaahi minashaydaani rajiim, but that “something” was choking, thus preventing me from saying it. Finally, the something went away and i was spinning non stop me and my room. Was it a jinn. and no i dont have any pets that would do that!

# one night when i was sleeping face up i had this really bad dream. one second i was on this really pretty island walking all alone and the next second i was in this really creepy lookin forest. out of nowhere this black cloud(or seeyayee/blackness)hovered over me. somehow it stopped me from breathin and made me paralysed. i could not scream or run away from it, but in real life i was screaming and kicking. then my mom heard me so she came and woke me up. IT WAS ALL A DREAM! but even in the Quaran it says that that was a form of a jinn. luckily, ive never encountered a jinn again!luv ya all.xoxomarjan

# Aslmkm jinn are the creation of Allah and we beleive in them as creatures of Allah. We have a jinn in our house in hyderabad,india. who would come and sit on my fathers chest when he was sleeping and my father would choke and not be able to breath. we asked the teacher who taught us to read the quran he read something and the jinn came and spoke to him.

# the maulvi (my teacher) told us a couple of days later what the jinn told him. the jinn said he was upset that a put a siren next to his sleeping place in the house (the water pump) and that he had lived in the house for a long time. the jinn even knew that i was staying up late studying for my exams and was asking what happened about it!!. And it happened on different occasions to me and my mother too. when i would sleep in the room we had on the roof. some one would sit on my chest and i couldnt get them off i would try to shout and nothing would come out of my mouth. And one nite i heard as if a

# woman was pacing back and forth by my window. i thougt it was our maid … and when i called her name no response… i tried yelling for my parents and i could’nt utter a word. i started reading the ayathul kursi and then i was able to get up from my semi sleep mode. may Allaj prevent us prevent us from the bad jinns ameen

# Assalam u alakum i am sorry to say this but one day i had tryed a drug mixed with marijwana that was laced with something and i became very parinoyed to that fact that i felt the town i was in was haunted and the whole town was going to come after me i kept hearing a train horn every few minutes and it would distract me and make me forget how to say some prayers when i tryed to i even tryed to do wudu and i had many bad vibes of creatures or jinns or something that were around me and i felt alot of them were outside.

# Salam, one night in the month of Rammadan I woke up to eat sari. I went to wake up my brother in the next room. As I was about to knock on the door I heard someone reciting the Quran. My brother is a hafez Allhamdulillah. So I thought he was just reciting the Quran. When I opened the door the voice went away, and my brother was sound asleep. Maybe it was an angel or something, Allah knows best.

# in the night i got up for some strange reason i was making tea,and something handed me the cup,trust me it was a jinn i felt a hand

# Salaam. I myself belive in jinns, but I recite sura Al Nas, and Surah Ikhlas,, and Surah Al Falaq, and of the Ayatul Qursi, and I belive it protects me from the Jinns.

# Asalaam mu alaikum. My name is Shaheeda, many times I experienced something funny. When i use to go to bed i was not fast asleep but if i try and open my eyes i would not beable to and a funny feeling which i cannot explain goes through my whole body. I won’t beable to move or even when i try to talk or wake my hubby up i a cannot do so. Strange enough on many accounts when after that funny feeling goes away after a few seconds hubby is fast asleep and is difficult to wake up. Sometimes that strange feeling happens like three times a night for a few seconds.

51. once me and 2 of my friends were going to this place up north. as we were driving we noticed it was near maghrib time, so we stopped at this huge abandoned warehouse. inside it was totaly empty. we spread out a few sheets to pray on. we began in jamat. one leading. 2 behind. as i finished reading the surah fatihah aloud, my 2 frieds said ‘ameen’, but joined them was a deafening noise that also said ‘ameen’. wen we put our hands on our knees 2 go to rukoo, betwee our legs we saw a whole crowd of people, their heads about 2 metres wide, lined neatly in rows. this continued until the end of fars namaz. wen finished we spun round and nothing was there. after that we did extra nafil and legged it to the car, then sped off at 90 mph!

52. Once, i was siitingin the livig room when all of a sudden, there was a loud noise which came from the bathroom and then a knock at my door. I thinnk it was the children jinns if there are any and then i prayed and prayed and prayed and i didnt go to sleep that night and stood up and prayed! I was scared but not scared enough except when i was in the bathroom but Allah is great in all things!!!

53. This is in reply to message 31 which stated: “Assalaamu Alaikum Only Allah swt has knowlegde of the ghaib we cannot see jnn and anyone who tells you they have seen a jinn need to fear Allah.” I agree with what you are saying that fabricating these things are only disgracing the jinns, that we should not mock the idea of jinns… in hiding only certain people who Allah swt has choisen can fully see a jinn, but if a jinn wishes it can come in a visible form, take the form of what ever it desires, and we can see it… we cant see it when it is in ghayb though

54. Part 1-My aunt was originally following te sikh religion and when she married my uncle(mother’s brother)she converted to Islam.But te problem was that she wasn’t religious at all. She never prayed or did anything Islamic.She just turned muslim just to marry my uncle,and that’s not a tru Muslim,she never seen any real facination to Islam.And one night at my cousin’s house in Long Island we had a religious person come over the house to lecture us about Islam, she sed some prayer.And when she sed the prayer my aunt started acting up a bit, she sed it was cold, she was talking in a different tone, and things of that sort

55. Part 2-My aunt started crying heavly,n she was acting as if she was giving birth or something. I was worried and wanted to see what was going on, she was yelling and lying on the bed, and my whole family was saying that this isnt a medical thing,itz something else. And it turned out to be a Jin,she was possesed .And Im telling you right now, it is no joke. I used to laugh at jin stories.When people told me a jin story i was always like”Yea? well ask if I care”Now I take that very seriously, and by the way once the Jin got out of her, she became religious.And I am not making this up! Its a true story.If you don’t believe it ,well I was just like you,i guess you gotta see it for yourself.


57. once when my i was in Pakistan my great grandad (who was a very pious person and personal friend of syedna pir meher ali shah)was sitting on the bed next to me and sudenly started talking to something invisable, i asked him later who he was talking to,subhaanallah…. he said pir meher ali had appeared and was talking to him, now u tell me wheather it ws a jinn or pir sahib in person…..??? subhaanallah

58. assalam aliakum, After reading all these posts I just want to know why is it that so many desi people have experiences with the jinn? Im not trying to be funny either. I hear alot of similar stories from indo-pak brother and sisters especially the one about the jinnie (singular for jinn makes you think thats where the “gennie in the lamp” came from…i have also read that in India and other places they take jinns out and put them in bottles to keep them there) that tries to choke you when you lay on your back (some say it looks like an old hag with no thumbs???) I myself have to deal with a husband who is bothered by them from time to time.

59. This isnt really my story just a close friends. When my moms friends son was 3 years old and they were in a masjid, there was 3 floors. The third floor was closed for constuction and he went in there to play when no one knew. A few minutes later he ran down the stairs with a broken jaw screaming “mama mama its a monster” in Italian. He didnt know how to speak Italian and after that statement he spoke English and Arabic again. After that they asked a sheikh and he said it was a jinn.

60. this is a part of # 59. The way the boy had a broken jaw was that jinn swing in the dark. Only if it is so darkl that when you put your hand in front of your face you cant see it. He was standing in the way of a jinnie that was swinging and got kicked in the mouth. His fae was all bloody and his bottom jaw was broken.

# Asalaamualaikum! I live in Indonesia and I am originally from India. There are jinns living in my house here, unfortunately we cannot move house either because the contract has been renewed. Anyway one night when i was in the bathroom, I heard a sound from inside the bathtub, it sounded like crumpling paper. First I thought the shower curtain was moving, but actually it was still. a few days later we called the people who specialise in capturing jinns. When they checked the bathroom they said there was one there. So it was a jinn trying to scare me!!!

# SALAAM,I have heard that some humans an marry jinns, and how would it be possible. Ihave heard stories, and I know that Jinns change forms, but is it possible. I know ALOT avout them but I seek refuge in Almighty and Merciful Allah. If you have an answer please submit one. Peace Be Upon You Brothers and Sisters. Allah protect and guide us.

# Yes it is possible for jinn to change forms. For example, the Prophet (peace be upon him) stated that they can take the form of dogs and snakes. However you can’t see jinn in the original form in which Allah the Most High created them.

# Well, I do think that some muslim jinn can interact “marry” humans. I also heard stories, that people claim that a jinn likes them and will be willing to do anything for them. ALMIGHTY+MERCIFUL=ALLAH(ALLAHUAKBAR)


# question for Post #50- Do you have dreams of falling? Do you have irregular menses? Do you have migraine head aches? What you have described in your post is a description of being possessed. Please recire Ayat ul Kursi at night, and please recite Surah Baqqarah everyday.

# one day this lady came to my house and told me and my mom that she can tell the feature. she told us that were gonna come to america we and more when she left i looked outside she dispeared that than i knew that i was talking to jinn

# Salaam, one night I was fast asleep in my room with my aunt (who was divorced) beside me, I suddenly woke up to her making weird noises and I grabbed her because I thought she was DYING! she later told me that a JINN had overpowered her; and trust me after that I refused to sleep with her fearing it would come back for a PAYBACK!

# When I was moving to an appartment, those who lived there earlier had one smaller room closed the whole time they lived there & the owner still had some furniture kept there. When I took it over all was well even for years as I wasn´t using that room, just for storage. However, after a few years my sister came to live there with me & then went through some strange phase of hearing and seeing things. Nowadays one might call it schisophrenia, but the whole thing was just too intelligent and it probably was a jinn who was bothered that the room got occupied! some months ago the appartment was finally given back, thank God !

# when I was 15 years I had a very strange thing happen to me, Im still not sure if it’s related to jinn or not, ill tell you my story and you decide. One night I was lying in my bed alone about to fall asleep, I heard footsteps in my bedroom, I thought it was my mother or sister, so I wasnt scared, but when I called out their names no one answered and suddenly it felt like someone was on top of me and I felt so much pressure on me. I was frozen with fear and couldnt move at all or scream or anything, it lasted for 2 or 3 seconds then lifted off and I didnt hear the footsteps after that. The moment I can move again I ran to my mother’s bed and slept next to her. It was an experience Ill never forget.

# One time me and my friends were playind by the masjid. IT WAS AROUND aaSR TIME THEN ALL OF a sudden my friend flew about 5 meters back. she looked like she was pushed. We all thought it was a JINN.

# Hi its really spooky reading all these entries and for sum reason i feel scared but i know i shouldnt bcos ALLAJ TA’LLA is with me!!

# I agree that I was quite afraid, considering it is 12:26 am here in MI, USA, but we must only fear Allah and be like Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA). When he used to walk on one side of the street, the shaytan would go on the other in fear of him, because this sahabah had so much taqwa. (CONTINUED 1)

# (CONTINUED 1) I also have several stories. The first is one of my friends’ stories. He was walking with a sheikh at night in Syria, and the sheikh said, “do not look up; there is a jinn above us.” so he did look up and saw two big red eyes. (CONTINUED 2)

# (CONTINUED 2) Also, my sister has had the large, big, dark figure appear in her room (both, actually who are in the same room). My oldest has had the experience when she is having something pushed down on her chest, heavy. My younger has had experience when jinn (said he was bald) walked into the room right next to her bed. She tried to touch him, but he (at the speed of light) would go to the door (other side of room) then back and all around the room, then he grew over 6 feet tall. (I do not recall the end of the story, so I do not want to lie, so let me stop here for this one.) (CONTINUED 3)

# (CONTINUED 3) Bismillahi Al-Rahman Al-Raheem (I should have wrote that as the first thing, astaghfirullah), I will tell you a story that I just heard from my sister hours ago. At this one camp, Crescent camp by the IAGD, last summer I think (not sure) there were these boys who were joking around about jinn and calling out to jinn. The skinniest and smallest of the boys (I think he was quiet and from Ohio or something, though camp is in Michigan) had his eyes rolled back, was shaking violently, and had a really deep and loud voice, though normally his voice is high pitched (or so I hear). (CONTINUED 4)

# (CONTINUED 4) It took like 4 really strong muslim boys to hold him down because he tried to violently attack some of the muslims at this islamic camp. I also heard that his voice was so loud that the police came. The muslims who had surat Al-Jinn memorized recited the surah together out loud and the boy said in the deep voice, “STOP!!!” He went to the hospital later on, and nobody really knows what happened to him. The sheikh, when he asked what happened and found out, said the kids were stupid to ask to communicate with jinn cause that is haraam. Allahu A’lam. (BTW, I hope this whole continued system is working, or else I lost half of my stories…) (CONTINUED 5)

# (CONTINUED 5) Now, you have read all of the experiences I have heard. I have had two small experiences, myself, and they happened within 10 min. of eachother. This was same week as my sisters’ experiences. I was near my iron board and my mother’s black hijab was on it when it suddenly moved off of it and up the steps (two of them, which were nearby) and around my (360 degrees) and landed on the floor beside me. As I was turning when it began to move (it moved quickly, I could just glimpse at the end of the hijab). (CONTINUED 6)

# (CONTINUED 6) The next experience happened after like ten minutes. It was late and I went upstairs to pray Ishaa’. While praying, I could see (just barely, though my head was looking down) a black figure that was kind of short and plump. I thought it was my grandmother (not making fun of her), and it walked to the kitchen. After I finished my salah, I went to the kitchen and saw nothing. I could have swore that there was a black fabric over something invisible that floated a couple of inches over the ground. Allahu A’lam (CONTINUED 7)

# (CONTINUED 7) Thanks Tara for your excellent website with a lot of Islamic information. I noticed that if we think of Jinn we sometimes get such experiences, so just do not think about them too much or be afraid, just fear Allah (worked for me, never had another experience, yet). I think you need to have one on dreams or something, though this is just a cool idea to listen to scary stories late at night. Then we could have someone interpret them or something, just an idea. Anyways, sorry for writing so much, Assalamu Alykum, Sincerely, Tammam Alwan.

# a/s..well ma sister she has had some wierd experiences..she sees large black figures in our room n wehn she is seein them she can not move an inch of her body..she can’t even speake…she sayz her body feelz heavey and it hurts if she moves..and once aftermany experiences such as that..she said that while she was goin through it she saw that on top of our ceiling she saw somethin writin “allah hu akbar”..n den when she read it in her mind…da dark figures disappeared and she could move and speake again..wht is happening to her..?..wht is goin on wid her?..if some/1 has an answer plz give me one…

# One night back when i was 9 i was in bed and my parents were in the other room and mycloset automatically opened and one of my handheld games were in there it just went smashing into the floor by itself.

# sallam hi i want to talk about an experience when i was in palestine, i lived there for 7 years and i was around 13 at the time, and i was sleeping and i woke up & my bed was facing the door and across the hall was my aunts room and her door was open and when i looked inside i seen a tall lady going through her cabinet, she was sort of maroonish and looked really scary and freaky, and she all of a sudden turned around and looked at me and began walkin towards me and i right away went under the covers until sunlight shinned thru my room windows hamduallah she didnt harm me thank Allah, and ive had many other things happen but i will submit later on sallam By ~RaMe~

# im back i also have another story to share besides the one of the tall scary lady.. i was still aslo in palestine and me and my brother were in one room sleeping and i had gotten a new toy car it was the ones that the wire is attached to it anyways i woke up in the middle of the night and i looked down by my feet and i seen someone playing with it i mumbeled to that someone thinking its my brother and told them leave it alone its mine and then i went to bed not thinking twice about it , by the way it was around 3a.m and when i woke up i yelled at my brother and he said he never touched it , and no one believed me 😦 AllAhu AkBar and inshallah Allah will protect all of us la illaha illa allah ~SaLLaM~

# My question is with entry #83, do u know what the jinniyah was looking through in your aunt’s Cabinet? ***Allah be with us to guide us

# #(83)What did the Maroonish lady look like and was wearing? did she look human?

# i live in usa but this happened when i was at pakistan for my uncle’s wedding. well, after about a week after the wedding…i was at my uncle’s house just talking with my new aunty (the bride). then we heard my uncle’s voice and he told us to get ready to go to someone’s house. well we got ready, turned off all the lights and closed the doors and came outside. then after my uncle parked the car he told me to go close the lights. i told him that i remember closing them so he went just in case and closed them. later the next day the lights blinked a couple of times but thats it.

# once me and my sisters were sitting in the living room talking about ghosts just for fun and it was night time, all of a sudden the room lightbulb came falling down onto the floor and it all went dark, all of us went running out, the wierd part is the lightbulb had to be twisted to become loose so how did it fall?

# One night I heard a man’s deep voice speaking. Then all of a sudden I saw a 7 foot black figure . Then my front door opened. There were many of these things. They said “jahanam” and “iblis” and then they all turned into skinny black figures and climbed up the tree in my front yard. They chanted “jahanam” and “iblis”.I found my house was full black snakes, black scorpions, and an all black figures that sat there. This huge black figure pointed at me and then burst into flames. The next day I left for work and when I got home, my house was burnt to the ground. And all in the ashes were black snakes and black scorpions. The black figures returned and chanted the same words. Then they jumped and flew away with the breeze. I never saw them again.

# One night, my grandmother got up to go to the bathroom, it was like 2:00 am. The bathroom door was half open. So she opened fully to go in the bathroom and then she saw a tall big black figure. It look like a gorilla or something of that shape and size. Anyways my grandmother when back to bed scared and start reading the quran.

# I saw one.. looked like my brother.. Aoozoobillah… I was really scared… and everytime i see my brother, i seek refuge in Allah from Shaytan.

# As I was saying in #69 .. that room got occupied after being empty for such a long time as it became my sister´s room, but was it really empty? At least 7 years it was locked, although other people were using the rest of the appartment at that time. It was opened when I took it over & I went in briefly every now & then as I was using it for storage, it had a built in cuboard there & a nice big tree one could see through the window. Sometimes in the weekends I would even take a nap there only I often had real nightmares when I slept there which was strange.

# Continuation: Once I was awake but somehow couldn´t move & I was fully aware that I wanted to shout but there was no voice so I felt that some force was preventing me, I was like frozen! .. later sometime when my sister was experiencing the voices & visions .. as I started reading from this little book .. she would say now the voices are gone .. so I just continued reading. What I was reading was a tiny book about Islam and prayer and what one should say during prayer so I think that was powerful.

# This has happened to me many times. I would be in a half-conscious state lying on my bed when suddenly i can’t move, not even say anything as if someone was sitting on me or pushing me down!! I kept on asking allah to help me and went back to sleep and afrer i woke it was ok. It happened to my father before. he said he jumped over some fruit offerings at the side of the road and the spirit got angry and sat on him at night.

# my aunt had a dream that a black figure was trying to steal her baby(she was pregnent), she got scared and started reciting surah naas, ikhlaas and falaq and the figure said u think thats ganna help u…than her husband woke her up

# there was a man who was driving around and needed to go to the bathroom…he was driving around and found an abandened house and found a bathroom outside so he went to it…while he was doing his business he started singing and something came up behind him and slaped his back!!

# sallam, here is a story of a girl and 2 angels, a girl had just came out of quran class she was walking home. a man was going to attack her, she got scared and started reciting ayat al-kursy and the man didnt attack the girl he attacked the girl behind her, soon the police came and caught the attacker and asked him why he didnt attack the girl girl in front of the girl he attack and he said ‘why would i attack her if she had 2 huge men beside her’ -allah (swt) angels-subhannallah

# part 1-there is this hafiz teacher we call brother omar. he went to a musjid that had 2 floors the second floor is really small it is only like 1 room. heres the story…brother omar said that he went up to the second floor and heard some1 saying ‘imam soab’…so he called an imam the next day and took he there and asked him wat it was and he said it was a jinn.

# part 2- a few weeks later after brother omars insidant another brother we call brother ahmed he went up the same room the jinn was in and was reading quran in the dark and he heard some1 knoking on the door, he knew it was his aunt so he let her in, when she left, something else knoked and he thought again it would be his aunt and said that she would come in, but no 1 came in, so he opened the door but loocked he started to panic but than he just said i shouldnt be scared allah is with me, than he started reading again mashallah

# When I was 8 my family moved into our new house in the West Bank (Palestine). Very soon, some mornings we’d find all the kitchen cupboards open. My mom thought we did it. But we didn’t (I would never do such a thing). It happened 4 other times. Then one night around 2am my mom woke up and heard a Tablah outside and people having a party near our olive tree fields. She woke my dad up and he heard it too. We could never explain why this all happened.

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  1. my brothers and sisters all ur stories are intrestting and i think ive learned something from it that god is the only thing that can protect u against evil jinns but ive got a question , when having an insidant with muslim jinns what should u do then , like recite quran or have a friendly conversation with them if so how do u end the conversation in a friendly way , should we be friends with muslims jinns or not ? thx all may god protect us all from any harm ammeen ya rab el alameen

  2. ok i dont know if my cat is a jinn i am muslim im only 12 years old … my cat acts very mis behaved so i put him in his cage he begins to cry like a human baby is that normal? my cat is the only cat ive seen with whiskers next to his ears. when i was 7 years old i had fell asleep on my room floor i woke up in the middle of the night at 2 am nd seen a woman i began to think it was my mother so i said mommy mommy wat are you doing the person never answered so i jumped in my bed and fell asleep

  3. I was sleeping in my room alone.At around 2 AM I got awake due to a loud noise and I noticed someone rushing out of my window(it was fraction of a second) and the doors of my steel almirah were violently shaking like someone banged it hardly.

    First I thought someone was trying to steal something from the almirah from outside by putting his hands inside from the window. There was no one outside .it was very dark outside.

  4. As salamu alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!!!

    Respected Brothers and Sisters…

    First of all right now when im typing this mail, im hearing strange sounds near my bath room which is located in the last part of my house.. and there is an open space near the bath room where we can see the sky… im very scared to go there… actually after hearing this sound i thought of browsing bout this matter… and so i landed in this website… to my surprise many of u people hav encountered a jinn… I doubt it must be a jinn giving this noise at my house… not only today, yesterday too i guess i heard such noise but i thought it was my cat but it was not her as i checked it… and i didnt realise tat it might be a jinn.. now im really scared… i seek refuge with ALLAH from the evil of shaithan…. Ameen… pls do duaa for me…

  5. Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh. Please do not be scared of jinn and only fear allah. If you are scared of them, it makes them feel powerful and they will try to take control over you. If you feel this way, recite ayat al-kursi, last 2 ayat of surah baqarah, iklhas, falaq and nas. Insha’Allah you will be ok!

  6. Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters. When I was around 12 years old me and my family went on a car journey to Luton where my grandma is. I was sleeping with my grandma and 2 little cousins, I went to the bathroom and went into the bed until I heard really strange noises you could imagine coming towards the bed, I was really scared, i said my khalimahs but I kept hearing it so i kept nudging my grandma she wasn’t waking up until few minutes she woke up and the noise went away. May Allah (SWT) protect us from the evil Ameen.

  7. reply to .57 – LOL. when you hear the name Pir, run away! lot of people out there, claiming to be pious holy men, when in reality they practise nonsense like black magic, communicating with jinns!

  8. When I used to study at university in Halifax,Nova Scotia,Canada I recall that one night when I awoke and unless I was dreaming I recall that for some reason I held out my hands and I felt someone’s arm and if this was occurring in reality than perhaps I did encounter a jinn.Allah knows best,incidentally,I was alone in my apartment and at the time the apartment complex was just 9 years old.

  9. A’oodhu billah! Once I was walking through a bathroom door and it felt like my right knee made contact with something. I do think that jinn can be felt wallahu alim.

  10. When I was younger 20ish or so while alseep a dark faceless presence appeared by my window as it bent down it sucked the life out of me I couldnt breathe as the life ebbed away I recited kalima shahadat the dark presence released its grip of suffocation on me and I drew a deep gulp of air ,It felt like your soul was being drained out of you , Im not pious or very religious but what little imaan I had saved me.

  11. La hawla wala quwatta illa billah! Sounds like Allah saved you from its evil.

  12. Nothing has really happened to me however when I was younger we went to Pakistan for a relatives wedding. The wedding day was over and we all went to bed, my mum and dad were laying down and my dad was asleep. My mum opened her eyes and saw my aunty who was getting married with her wedding clothes on my mum Was shocked and thought it was actually her and said what are you doing? Go to your husband. The thing just smiled at my mum and then vanished.

  13. This was back in a period between 2009 and 2010 i was 8 i shared a room with my sister i woke up to a clock in the front of my fave SCREAMING 12:00 12:00 once i blinked it was gone there was a jiinn i think it was a girl with long hair and a bulls legs and back but also a girls body once i blinked she was gone i went to wake my sister up she wouldent WAKE i went in bed and all these hand were on the other side of the wall KNOCKING SO LOUD! i thought my sister would wake but didnt so i hid under my covers saying spa-ne-ka(sorry im turkish not arab i cant spell in turkish as i was born in amerca and raised here) the only one i knew as i just started learning and it stoped after a few minutes it felt like luckly i had my laptop in my drawer i opened it to be 7:02 clearly a few minutes was HOURRRSSS i never told any one but my sister whom seemed to not belive me.

  14. You can just say what you recited in its English version. Bulls legs though?! They really are ugly :-/

  15. My brother had passes away, and i kept seeing visions of him and then realised it wasnt him until one day i saw him again and he offered me a cigarette, i thought it was jinn. Because i could see in his eyes.

  16. This a story of my friend. Approximately 10 years ago my friend moved to a new house , she lived there alone. My friend would wake up with bruises on her body, she felt several times someone hitting her at night, she would also hear things being thrown across the room. So my friend went to the gipsy who told her that in order to get rid of this jin my friend had to put candy and a glass of milk on the table. So my friend did that and hid under the blankets, in front of her bed was tv which reflected everything that happened at the back of the bed, she heard the sound of jinn opening the candy and in the reflection of tv she saw an animal like creature with horns and hoofs eating the candy. In the candy was gone and the glass was empty, after that jinn never bothered her again.
    After she told me that story I couldnt sleep from fear.

  17. I don’t know how she could have stayed in that bed and watched everything. I would have been gone as soon as I heard the candy being opened.

  18. Ok there is another stories which my mother told me. So my mother visited her sister in Turkey, my aunt gave my mom her bedroom, while she and her husband slept in the living room. My mom told that she at nights she would feel someone touching her and during night she also saw the shadow of a woman sitting at the edge of her bed. Also she said how once she woke up in the middle of the night and she saw an orange ball flying in the air, the thing is my auntie and her husband saw this woman also few times, and they always this woman in this particular bedroom.
    When my aunts husband first saw the woman he ran away screaming to their neighbors

    I know many stories like that, others i will write later

  19. So this story happened to me like a year ago. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that my floor lamp that i almost NEVER turn on was turned on on maximum. You know its a type of lamp where the more you the turn the button to the right the more light it gives, so when i woke up the lamps button was fully turned to the right. And i remember exactly that i didnt go to bed with the lamp being turned on because I remember that when i went to bed all the lights were turned off and my room was dark( my floor lamp gives very good lighting so me going to bed without realizing that the lamp is on is impossible)
    Also I cant sleep with the lights on unless I am scared. I wasnt scared that evening and even when I am scared I turn on my room light not my floor lamp which makes the room look even scarier. I asked my mom whether or not she turned on my lamp but she said no. However that day we had guests over and little girl would few times turn on this lamp, though i rmemeber turning it off. I think it was a jin, did anyone have similar situations?
    I know 100% i couldnt go to bed with this lamp being turned on, u could say that i was very tired and just went to bed without realising that the lamp is on, but i wasnt tired at all that day

  20. Oh my goodness! Sounds like they need to spray the house and bed with recited water. May Allah protect them from her evil ameen.

  21. My Islamic name is Abdullah Muhammad. I have a Jinn inside of me which I think it’s my companion jinn I’m not sure. It started in 2006 when my daughter was born. I was at my computer an Apple Mac G4. My neck sharply went back. Then something pulled something invisible out of my mouth and I passed out. When I woke up my neck felt like it had a hole inside of it so I layed down. All of a sudden I felt like I was connected to the whole world. I saw imagages of blue lights then red lights in a vision. I opened my eyes and I felt my neck twist on it’s own as if I where being moved by someone else. I said is this Allah cause I thought I died and the jinn lyingly knodded my head yes. I was scared out of my mind. Then as I thought it was Allah I was being moved around. I thought this can’t be Allah it’s angels that grab the soul so I thought it was an alien. When I talked to it it almost laughed at me and blew from my mouth while it walked me around Philadelphia. When I got back to my house I started blowing air very hard from my mouth. The next few days I left my house and started to walk on the jinn’s command. Then it spoke from my mouth my real name like Anthony in an almost feminine voice. Over the months the jinn started to say Jesus Christ Iesa God and push me up against walls everywhere in the city. I said I am not Iesa but it continued. It took me to a park down near south street and I sat. A giant six foot roach came out of nowhere. I freaked alittle bit and the jinn told me to leave. The jinn said they where having problems with monsters and I had to spread thatsmee around to kill them and to get them off the level. For years my neck has twisted while I make salat. It told me I’m not suppose to make salat but I disagreed. It keeps saying it loves me and I’m it’s husband. Then while walking again for this jinn it showed me a jinn finger movement. I did it and it felt like something was pulling me down the street very fast.it was so amazing I could not believe what I did. So I started to give this jinn the benefit of the doubt. It showed me things kafurs were doing secretly like using codes to talk to each other. I tried what the jinn told me twice and it worked. Plus I think this jinn has brought me to other jinn. It’s very amazing to see the eyes. I’ve been doing this for ten years. I read surah stat kursi just in case every night but nothing changes.

  22. Asalamu Alaikum Muslim brothers and sisters.. My name is Abdullah Muhammad and it’s 2016 and I have a story about a Jinn which is true that I have been experiencing since 2006 ( for 10 years to the present hour).

    In 2006 I was sitting at my computer on the Internet viewing MYSPACE. I was posting a diss rap song against a fellow rapper. (I know music is haram or forbidden but inshallah I give it up.)

    While I was sitting at my home studio desk I felt a sharp strike to the back of my neck. I thought nothing of it so I continued to proceed to what I was doing on MYSPACE. On or about a few days later or the same day ( I vegly remember) something grab something in my mouth and pulled it out it was invisible. It hurt alittle bit then I passed out. When I woke up I felt a feeling of a hole at the back of my neck. I went to the bed and layed down. All of a sudden it felt like I could feel the whole world connected to me. I opened my eyes and I said is this Allah? Did I die? My head just nodded on its on as to answer my question. I was scared out of my mind. Then I lifted up and was being dragged by something invisible.

    Without saying anything and by communicating by nodding I went downstairs to the kitchen. Something pushed me up against the counter. The next event I was led outside and everything was reacting very strange like numbers.I was walked outside and put in one spot for several minutes. I went back in the house and was dragged around while I begged Allah for forgiveness. I was put in front of a mirror and my neck twisted.

    After that I was led out the house through the whole city of Philadelphia. I was walked and dragged from north Philadelphia to the navy yard to south Philadelphia. I jumped over a fence and got into the navy yard and just stood their for a hour. I was walked all the way back to north Philadelphia and things were reacting. Pictures on billboards where insinuating I was in hell.

    When I got back in my room I started to blow very heavy from my mouth.the next day I was walked back to south Philadelphia by some entity and I sucked up something in my mouth that was invisible.

    The next instance I was walked to a highway then a state trooper arrested me. I got locked up in jail for a few months for and old warrant for my arrest.

    While I was in jail my neck kept twisting. When I was released I had to go to a shelter because I lost my room since I was in jail.

    While in the ridge avenue shelter in 2007 strange things outside of me started gapping as well as inside of me. While outside the shelter my neck started twisting even worse. A man looked at my foot and said to me, show them your foot. I freaked out because I have a deformed right foot and got the assumption this guy can see through my shoe.

    I went back in the shelter and was faced with something I remember seeing twice. It happened exactly like it happen the last time I was in the shelter. I layed on my bunk freaking out arguing to kafurs about the color of Iesha’s skin color then it happens. This guy comes out of nowhere with his eyes looking like a demon. I told him straight up what the fuck is wrong with your eyes.

    That night I left the shelter. I started being pulled again. I walked with whatever was pulling me all the way to the northeast of Philadelphia. I was walking up a hill and all these people was walking down it pass me when one of the people said something to me but I payed it no mind.

    I walked to a bank and then freaked out again because I remembered all of this again exactly in a dream. I started to freak out and run but something stopped me and then said my name out of my mouth. I was freaked because now whatever was moving me around was now talking telling me what to do.

    Out all night talking to this thing thinking it was a alien trying to figure out what this was all about.

    In 2008 the thing that I stupidly thought was a alien took me to a park near south street Philadelphia told me out of my mouth to sit on this bench. So I did. I sat for a few minutes and out of the corner of my eye I see something. It was a six foot roach walking on two of its legs I freaked out.

    The thing I stupidly thought I was a alien told me I could kill it like I killed the other monsters in the shelter by deficating outside.then I was dragged to the top of south street and my breathe got heavy again. I blew up in the sky for thirty minutes.

    Then in 2009 I was dragged to LOVE PARK Philadelphia. It was night time I saw a women who was a few years older than me at night walking around by herself. She was doing something so amazing. It looked like someone was flashing a strobe light on her. She walk to me and I freaked again.

    On or about 2009 or 2010 I was led back to love park and was told to take a apple. I was told by what I thought was a alien to bite the apple and then stick my hand out holding the apple. I did it and a grass hopper or lotus jumped on my hand. It gave me something and then jumped off.

    Six months later I was walking in the Rittenhouse square area of Philadelphia and a spider jumped into my eye and started chewing something out of it. I was told that I had something in my eye and a physical had to take it out.

    Last but not least prior to me figuring out that this is a jinn. Back down south street area of Philadelphia the most amazing thing happens. I was being walked by the jinn a I see something early being done with the fingers in a certain way. The jinn told me it’s what the jinn does. So I did it and start to be dragged down the street with enough force to fly. I got scared and freaked out and told the jinn to stop.

    Last thing. The jinn shows me what it looks like. It was grey, big ears, very tall,pointy teeth. I saw it laughing on the steps of someone’s house. It got close to me it was amazing I wasn’t scared at all for some reason it made me feel really good.

    My name is Abdullah Muhammad
    Want to know more or if you want me to expail parts that I left out. Call 803-552-6672 asalamu Alaikum

  23. It was a very stressful time for my family and alot was going on. My fathers restaurant was going down hill, my mothers bipolar disorder was becoming worse and I couldn’t find a good job. It was putting a lot of pressure on me and as well as my older brother. My two younger siblings are also still at school.
    After all the stress and anxiety that was pouring on top of me, I decided to go to the mosque at a time when there is no prayer going on. There was 2 hours till the last fifth prayer and the mosque was always open till the last fifth prayer of each day and opens up again for the early first morning prayer.
    I just needed to get away from the stress at home and when I came into the mosque, no one else was present. There was at least 2 hours till the last fifth prayer was going to start and so I was glad that I could have some free time to myself. We pray In the main prayer room and at the time i came to the mosque, the lights were switched off, apart from the green clock which gave off some green light. It looked nice.
    It looked nice and also felt nice to be in complete darkness with some green light shining on the place where the imam stands and gives his talk. It was just me and in a mosque where there are no chairs but you sit on the floor, which wasn’t so hard because of the fluffy carpet.
    The mosque has strong walls so you can’t hear much from the outside world. I just sat there all alone on the floor, in the darkness with some green light, just thinking about life. It felt good to be alone and I felt less anxious and stopped thinking of death. Yeah I was struggling with high depression as well.
    In that moment, I suddenly saw a man praying. Now I was the only one present at that time, within the mosque and I saw no one nor did I hear anyone else coming inside the mosque. How that man was praying in front of me was beyond me, he was in-between the green light from the clock and the darkness.
    Now Muslims in Europe pray towards the kabaa in mecca, towards the east in my mosque. This man was praying in the complete opposite way and direction, I just sat there looking at him thinking as to what he was doing or thinking. Also the carpets have designs facing towards the right direction, so you knew which direction to pray.
    When he finished and was just saying a simple hand prayer to god, I kindly and softly spoke to him saying “sir you are meant to pray in the other direction” and he just ignored me and started praying again, in the wrong direction.
    I turned on the light and all of a sudden, he disappeared. I gasped in shock and went out of the mosque to rethink as to what I had just seen. When the last fifth prayer was about to start, I went into the mosque.
    There is a room where all of the security and financial sides of the mosque are dealt with, the door was open. There are cctv cameras all over the mosque on the inside and outside of the mosque. There was a screen showing what the cctv footage was capturing inside the mosque, the last fifty prayer had started.
    I should have joined them but something caught my attention on the CCTV footage, showing something off and strange inside main prayer room, as everyone was praying in the right direction to the kaabah, that man was present once again and praying in the opposite direction, along side them all. His eyes looked dead and angry.
    I walked into the main prayer hall where everyone was praying, but that man who always prays in the opposite wrong direction was not their anymore. This puzzled my mind and I couldn’t think about a logical explanation.
    A couple of days wemt past and I went inside the mosque alone again when no body else was present. It was 2 hours before the last fifth prayer would start. I sat on the floor in complete darkness with some green light coming from the clock.
    I was thinking about life and then a voice reached out to me saying “pray with me” and it was deep with a hint of pain and struggle. It was that man again, half in the green light and the other half in darkness. He kept telling me to pray with him but I tried explaining that he is praying in the wrong opposite direction, but he wouldn’t listen.
    I decided to join him in prayer in almost complete darkness in the wrong opposite direction. As we both started praying, what I saw in front of me as we were both praying in the wrong opposite direction, were murdered people. The smell was atrocious and there were creatures feeding on the meat and bones.
    After the prayer I asked this man what I was seeing and he told me, “these are the people I murdered and god is disgusted with me and doesn’t want to look at me and he forces me to pray in the opposite direction and to look at my disgusting work”
    I got up and went out, I haven’t visited that mosque in quite a while.

  24. wow this are quite some stories. I actually have one but not from my own experience. long time ago when I wasn’t even born not even my mother my grandmother used to live in my great grandfathers house (my mother grandfather) one day she was just sleeping and then out of nowhere she started hearing weird whispering and cringe footsteps the footsteps started at my grandmothers bedroom and slowly leaded to her garden and stooped there it sounded like jinn was at her house. this story gives me chills down my body still to this day

  25. To hear them but not see them must truly be unnerving but alhamdullah for the mercy of Allah that we can’t see them!

  26. Aslam akeikum,

    Well, I am going to share something from my life on here.

    I am of Pakistani heritage so I was going for my marridge which was on January 2014.
    My family is from a city called Gujrat in the Punjab province.

    SO, I was married and we moved in our home. Our home was on rent and we asked those tenants to vacant the house for a few weeks till we return back to the UK.
    Now my younger brother told us he was asleep and he felt a strange presence which made him wake up.
    He said he saw a shaDow in his room but it disappeared.
    Now, one of the tenant who was at our home was religious having a large beard and had lots of Quran and other religious books relating to Islam kept in this room.
    Apparently my brother was sleeping with his feet towards these books.
    So when he told us his experience my wife stated that you must not have your feet pointing towards the direction of the books.

    So who knows this could have been an Angel or a good Jinn.

    Another thing that happed was the gas heater came on it self.

    I was in bed with my wife and I felt like something drop on our blanket. It was like a ( thump ) .like when you hit the blanket with your fist.
    I was shocked and looked and nothing was on the bed and my wife had no clue what had happend.
    I did not tell her because this would have scared her too much but what I know for a fact is that she did not do it.
    We always heard donkeys braying in the night..this means shaitaan were close by.

    My wife stayed back in Pakistan and we returned to the UK and I started her visa application.

    In February 2015 I traveled to visit my wife and stayed in a rented house.
    One night I switched of the television from the main button . The television was off.
    We were fast asleep and the television switched on by itself and It was loud because of static.
    I immediately woke up and told my wife to switch it off by the remote.

    The next morning we talked about this and we were not scared but felt uneasy. We realised that the jinn pysically pushed the television on switch .

    Thank Allah we didn’t have any other things happen.

  27. I’ve had two experiences with jhins. Once i was sitting in my mothers room while she was in the bathroom. I was on the bed and her bedside lamp was on, and the door was closed. After a while the door creaked slightly open and the lights had turned on. My second experience was when i was trying to sleep in my room, with my lamp on, a coat hanger fell from my closet. I didn’t think much of it. But after a while a couple more fell and i rushed to my mothers room

  28. My experience was… we went to Pakistan to attend my cousin sisters wedding. it was exactly 12:00 AM when we stat hearing noises upstairs where the bride and groom were staying… my cousin brother-in-law came running down the stairs crying and screaming with loss of words. we went up to see what happened and we saw that my cousin sister was lifted from the bed to mid-air. from that night she started to act weird. so we called an imam and said she was possessed by a jinn. To remove the jinn he prayed and my cousin sister started to shake. after the imam had prayed we heard a big slam on the gate and that’s when we found out the jinn had gone.

  29. Wow! Alhamdullah the imam was able to come so quickly to recite over her and the jinn left after only a short amount of time.

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