Jinn Stories #2

Below are entries 101-200 taken from my World Of Islam website. Tomorrow I will post entries 201-280 which will finalize the transfer of all jinn stories insha’Allah.

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JazakumAllahu khair,
Tara Umm Omar

101. I don’t know how to explain this: One night when I was 8 or 9 in our new house in the West Bank (Palestine), my sister found me asleep but I was standing up on the bed completely straight up! She called my name but I would not wake up. Then my mother came and slapped me lightly to wake me up. I don’t know why I would do that but we just moved in the house and it was empty for 2 years before we moved in. Could it be Jinn?

102. My friend lived near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and his dad built a beautiful mansion near a wadi (valley). Everyone told him don’t build there. But my friends dad insisted. When my friend and his sister were playing there one day, a man approached them from the fields and said: “Ataref Meen Ana?” (Do you know who I am?), but my friend said the man’s voice was not coming from the direction where the man was standing. It was coming from the left side of the field. When the kids said “My dad isn’t here”, the man laughed. His voice came from behind them. And then he approached them very fast. My friends sister then said Aouth B’ellah and the man disappeared. I know Saudi Arabia has a lot of Jinn, but do they act this aggressive? To this day the mansion is not very easy to sleep in.

103. (PART ONE OF MY INCIDENT) My aunt, grandmother and grandfather all lived together. My grandfather slept in a seperate room than them. When my grandmother passed away, my aunt asked me to sleep in their room because she felt sad and afraid being alone. I slept in my grandmother’s bed. (I know… Big mistake, right?!). When I was asleep my bed shook wildly for a second and when I looked at the front of the bedpost, a figure that looked like my grandmother was standing there but she looked mad and mean. It moved from side to side but I could never see it’s legs. (CONTINUED)

104. (PART TWO OF MY INCIDENT) It cussed at me and spat many times, but no sound came out of its mouth. I knew I wasn’t asleep. I watched it for a while (at least 35 seconds). Maybe more than it wanted me to so it moved towards me but I said Aouth Bellah men ashaytan alragim and the figure disappeared. What was that?? I know ghosts DO NOT exist, but why would something appear like my grandmother right after her death? Was it making fun of my family’s grief? (END)

105. My grandmother said when she was in the countryside near our family’s olive trees in the small town of Deir Debwan in Palestine back in the 1930’s, she was walking the family’s donkey around 5pm. She pulled the donkey with a rope. As they were walking, the rope pulled back from my granmother. My grandmother looked back and she said the rope was tied to a short hairy monkey-like creature -not the donkey. She said “Aotho Bellah” and the donkey reappeared. Can someone tell me what was that?

106. salam to all.me myself didnt have any experiences wid jinn and i wish i don have but i heard alot of stories one of themalso happened to somone i know and she is a far relative.once she touched a cat i dono how but then one day she was lying in a room and then the jinns burnt her so she then died.May Allah save us all.

107. I heard in a text from an Islamic Scholar that the good jinn are really handsome and the bad ones are reaaaaaaaally ugly. However there is much debate on whether the jinn are smart or ignorant.

108. salm my family &i suffering from jinn harresment sine a year i will write detail latter

109. my encounter with a jinn was when i was a non muslim. I remember my family going out and leaving me alone. As soon as i got into bed, someone shook me. i was so scared, my heart beating faster. I then got the courage to jump out of bed.I ran to the kitchen, got a knife, and screamed for the person to come out, but there wasnt anyone. My mum also saw him sitting on her bed. Unfortunately it was this jinn that ended up posessing me, and i have just found out that i have one,so i am know seeking help through the quran and sunnah.

110. Assalamu Alaikum evryone, when i was younger someone told me that if i yawn without covering my mouth, that jinns wud use my mouth as a toilet, just wondering if this is true? maa Salam




# Once my Friend was sleeping and he saw something in the dark when he woke up and he saw it lying there and looking at him he was really scared. he went back to sleep and i suggest u all to read AL nas surah

# I have never heard of that. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that the jinn can enter the mouth if you don’t cover it when yawning. Also if you sigh when yawning the shaytan laughs

# To the person who is seeing the jinn in the closet. You need to recite the entire surat al-baqarah every three days or play the tape of a reciter. Then you need to recite Ayat al-kursi and the three quls (an-nas, al-falaq, al-iklhas). May Allah protect you from evil ameen.

# I was staying with my mother with a few other relatives. Since her house is small, I volunteered to sleep in the living room alone. In the middle of the night I suddenly had shortness of breath and felt heavy pressure on my chest. From my chest, the feeling spread over my body, like an adult sat on my chest and then layed down on my body. I thought I was dying and began reciting Qur’an. The feeling then subsided (like two minutes after it began) and my head jerked up as if someone pulled my hair. I ran across the room, turned on the light and then went back to where I was sleeping. THERE WAS A LOCK OF MY HAIR ON THE PILLOW! My sister told me after I told her my story that my mother said the same thing happened to her. WE HAD NOT SHARED OUR STORIES WITH EACH OTHER!

# Jinns have been roaming my house all of my life(14 years at least). From seeing my own self in the closet, people coming out of the walls, seeing 20 more of me, having 3 jinns walk around my hose in the daytime and nighttime, to having a jinn posess me itself! I was getting sick of being afraid and I started to wonder why me and my family? I went to Pakistan for 1 year. There I found out from an alam that my own reletives(my grandma, aunt, etc.), were the ones who did “thaveez”, or voodoo, on me and my family just to get hold of all our property.

# Assalam-u-alaikum. I’m the same person from entry 118. When I was in Pakistan, my cousin was possessed by a jinn in the evening. Her eyes were closed and she was yelling at everyone. She said to kick us out of the house. (Why? My family paid for that house!) Anyway, my uncle asked “him” was talking to it. He became its friend. And the weird part is, I shook its hand and also became its friend. It never came back after that.

# Salaam. It’s me again. Let’s cut to the chase. About 3 years ago, my cousin and I were home alone. She was in my room (which is upstairs), listening to music. I was on the main floor just chillin. When she finally decided to come down, I heard her screaming REAL loud! She came running down the stairs like she was going to die if she ran slower! When she finally stopped, I asked her what happened. She said she was about to come down, until she saw big, red-ish eyes in my little sister’s room.(which is across the hall from mine).(cont’d)

# (cont’d 120) My cousin then had the nerve to run back upstairs. She screamed and ran again. Obviously, the eyes were still there. But now mahallah, nothing unusual goes on. I just hear noises at night and feel like I’m being watched (like right now). That’s all.

# (120 cont’d). Like I was saying, she told me about what she saw. Then her very smart self went upstairs to see if it was still there! Duh it was! She did the same thing she did before, but this time, she stopped running a block away from my house! Poor thing! She never came back to my house.

# As salaamu alaikum, I have had many encounters with Jinn before becomeing Muslim and in the U.S. & here in K.S.A. I have found when they are around that something isn’t going right in the home Islamicly and You should learn that you live with them every day, some good and some bad. Try not to offend them and never be too interested! Once I had a rocking horse for my daughter, I cam downstairs after fejir to unbolt the door so my husband could come through after his night shift. cont…

# to my dismay a man about my age was squating in front of the horse, I said Auothu Billah and he disapear… it was the last of the rocking horse and the man. Jinn will also follow people so if you have visitos who mention they have this problem, advise them to seek help from those that KNOW what to do and don’t sit and laugh and comment about things that may be offensive to cont.. the Jinn that may be around….don’t do that anytime. Belal Philips has a nice book about Jinn where you can learn a bit. Thanks a salaams

# DO JINNS MARRY HUMANS??? and if soooo does anyone have a story on that?? please get back to me quick. Salaam


# Reply to 125 & 126 Well, jinns may take forms of anything since they are shape shifters. One of my experience was this black tall figure. It was really dark figure, with no face, with a great force he grabbed me down as i was sleeping, and cudnt breathe. Continued

# Continued: However, another of my experience was based on a story i was told about 3 passengers including driver who set off from Manchester city in UK to drive to South Wales, they were on there way back home from day out, and they kept taking correct route but it puts them back to square one. It took them whole night to get back, and the route is only 3 and half hours. Continued

# Continued: What happen was me and 4 of my mate on early this summer, we went to Birghminham in UK for a day out. On the way back home, my friend who is experience driver who been to that city plenty of times, kept taking the correct route to South Wales, but we kept ending up to the route to North England, we end up somewhere other side. We followed correct motorway route. It was scary night, and we all were frustrated, me and the driver, we both knew what happened to the other 3 passengers, and that was happeing to us. That night i dont know what it was, but i hope it never happens again. May Allah protect us from evil jinns and evil people. Ameen.

# To:126 and 127. Jinns and witches have backwards feet. Jinns don’t blink. I know a story of a man who was married to a jinn. The jinn he unknowingly married was very pretty. He later noticed that she didn’t blink. She always wore a long sari.(so he couldn’t see her feet.) When he said she was a jinn, she took her form as a real jinn and disappered.

# SCARY JINN POSSESSION!!!! http://www.tawheed.co.uk/4/misc/jinn.htm

# while i was in my house i looked over and in the corner of my eye i saw a shadow, thinking it was my borther playing games and ruinning away i followed it. after numerous times around my house only seeeing glimpses of the shadow moving around corners. i was calling his name in anger telling h9im to stop the game and my sister turns of and tellms that my brother was gone and me and her where the only people in the house…. so ive come to the colclution that the being runnning from me in my house was a nothing but a mysterious jinn…

# That was weird! My cousin was possessed, but she didn’t sound that scary! How was it caught on tape? Didn’t anyone or anything have a problem with it?

# i have experienced loadz of jinn stuff…1st of all ma bruv was posssesed by 1 gosh it was sooo scary. WE CALLED LIKE 50 SPECIALIST TO TAKE IT OUT, BUT IT STILL WUDN GO…AT THE END IT JUST LEFT….BUT IT COMES BACK EVERY NOW N DEN. second of all ever since the age of 5 i had problems sleeping. i alwayz get into dis funny position. e.g the duvet is on top of my face, and den summin wud stop me from breathing…i can c everythin round me, but i can really talk or move at all….it has been happening loadz of times.now am 16 years old…SO ITS BEEN GOING ON for 11 years…. i asked my mum and family members, but they said there is no solution. and plus things alwayz fly and drop on the floor at my house.

# Salaam aliykum, my family used to own a newsagents, and i was in the flat upstairs, and went down to the store at nite 4sum crisps and that, and i saw like a white thing n i cud feel a presence there, i Got Really Scared and ran back upstairs. Waheed U.K.

# I myself haven’t seen any jinn, but I do hear lots of footsteps on my stairs, across the hallways, etc, and my 4 yr old niece was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, when she ran into my room and told me that there were two red eyes in the sink drain. Apparantly to her, they looked angry… Could have been a jinn or her imagination…

# I am Daud, daud@daud.biz – I had a recent ecounter with troubleing jinn. It was in a town called Chinoy,Zimbabawe (also known locally as the capital of Jinn activity) We stayed at a relatives house. Owners son, myself and my father were given a large deatached building to sleep in. It look well looked after and well prepared for our arrival. It was late and we were tired and had decided to sleep early (11pm ish) so we can prepare for our continued journey next day.We got into bed very quickly after being shown the large room (similar in style to a dormatory)we were given. We had three beds approximately 6-7feet apart. The lights were switched off by the owners son. We all got into our beds. It was pitch dark – there was no moonlight and no external light at all.

# Assalamualiakum everybody. Alhamdulilah, i have never encountered any of these jinns and inshallah i wont. however noises are heard here and there. Anyways, this story was told by my brothers teacher to him. This women started changing in her room and she never said bismillah (it is good to say bismillah stops jinn from watching you). A jinn i guess saw her and liked her figure while she wasnt dressed. Then afer weeks and weeks, her stomach started to grow and grow larger. She went to the hospital and they could not pinpoint a specific reason for this. So she went to a sheikh and then he told her that a jinn got her pregnant. He did something to her and then the sir inside her stomach was gone. Allhu A3lam, it may have been a small jinn. hahah. Anwyas, salams

# Daud, you need to complete your jinn story.

# a muslimah has been having. she said that for the past month she has been experiancing some strange things at night. she says that when she is asleep she feels like someone is standing next to her bed but she can’t open her eyes or move sometimes this presence next to her bed seems like they are fighting with her and she’s struggling to fight it but can’t see it, she gets a frosty feeling . what is it??? why do jinn bother people?? I also heard of an account where this girl from pakistan who is a friend of my sister had really long beautiful hair, however she felt someone tugging on her hair when she was in the shower!! she has an aunt who is married to a jinn and mysteriously beautiful relatives. if anyone can please give me an explanation that would be great!

# Aslamualaykum W.W. This is about Madinah Masjid(Not Nabawi). I hear it from people,popular among teens. One night the janitor of the mosque was cleaning the wudhu area. Then he heard a noise, like that of a toiler flushing, coming from the washroom area. He went to check it out but nothing was there. Then, he went back to his janitorial duties and then he heard the noise again. So, this time he decides to put a chain on the stall door and lock it because he thinks children are pranking him. Then, he hears the noise again and he returns to find that the chain is broken. He gets scared, and opens the stall door to find something looking at him with a smile that reaches from one ear to the other. Finally, he runs out of the mosque…and the rest they say…is history.

# This is a really interesting story… An acquaintance of mine when to Africa to study Islam. By the way, she can see jinns and has been able to ever since she was a little girl. Anyways, the front seat in the classroom was always empty and no one was allowed to sit in it. What the entire class couldnt see, was a jinn in the form of a girl sitting in that seat. Her face was full of Nur, mashAllah.

# asalamu-alaikum brothers and sisters i and mi family have had alot of trouble with the jin in our lives they have been sent to us fromm jelousy and black magic. first i want to say that no harm can come to a human from a jinn that allah swt does not allow. second if we have strong faith we will not bhe affraid of the jinn so we must strengthen our islam. third we cannot see the jinn in their true form because thay are from the world of the unseen they may appear to us in other forms like humans or animals or ugly faces but we will never see their true form. And fourth any one who claims to have control over the jinn is a liar, not even prophet muhamed pbuh had control over the jinn the prophet sullaiman was the only human who ever had control over the jinn by the permision of allah swt

# Assalam-o-alaikum Warah matullahi Wabara kaatuh to the one’s reading! #143 I certainly think that u are very right, only Prophet suleman could control the Jinnat, and I notice that i alot of muslims who submitted their text entries were alot like what happens to me at night. It started out when I approached my puberty, soon after that I went to my Grandpaa’s and my grandmaa’s ( May Allah SWT forgive them for all the wrongdeeds they did when they were alive) grave with my dad.

# (#144)I was almost 13 , any ways we came back and as usual for every day I slept with my two sisters with whom I was sharing the room. It was 2:00 am( or around this time) my older sister was studying for her exams, Suddenly Out of no where we heard a very unthoughtfull, very loud, scrachy and scary noise coming from outside of the window. three of us were holding on to our blankets suddenly went under the balckets. we were extremely scared but I started reciting Ayatal Kursi, and the little courage that i had began to react on me. After I was done reading Ayatal Kursi, I told my sisters not to worry and that we should get ourselves out of the blankets and see that who has done all this.

# (#144)As soon as we got out of the blankets Wallaahi I saw this cat with weird long feets like a dog, and the nails on them were atleast as big as 2 3 inches. Then suddenly i got so mad and i started reading Ayatal Kursi when the cat ran away from the place (our window) she was standing on. Finally we calmed ourselves down, read Ayatal Kursi 4 or 5 times again and went to sleep.

# (#145) I knew that both of them were fallen into a deep sleep but I was still thinking about what had just happened, and saying to my self that their must be something behind all that when suddenly I was chocked by someone that i could not see, my eyes were half open and half closed and i was lying straight; facing the wall on top of our bed. I could barely see the closet that was set in front of my bed because of the dim smoke that had covered my eyes.

# (#146)It was very hard to breath and I felt very heavy as if someone was on top of me trying to stop me from moving, I could not even move my lips to call my sisters, who were deep in their sleep. The force that was on top of me was controlling me. First I tried to struggle and tried to relief my self but when i concluded that it was hopeless, once again Ayatal Kursi came in my mind. and I started reading it inside of my head since I could not move my lips.I started reading Ayatal Kursi very fast and the creature( Allah knows best what was it)started fighting with me it started getting deep and I started feeling more heavy.

# (#146) I thought the thing was gonna kill me, but I continued reading my Ayatal Kursi and at the end when the Ayatal Kursi was at the end of finishing (Wasee aa kursiyus samaa waa ti…),the heaviness and all the weird things that were happening to me including the smoke that was covering my eyes. Alla of this happened within 25-30 seconds but i felt like it was for 2 minutes may be. Any ways After that I got into my senses and started screaming and crying and started calling for my sisters, they were right beside me and woke up in a surprise I started hitting my younder sister that why she didn’t wake me up and to my surprise she told me she saw and felt noth9ing.

# (#147)Then my Parents came out of their room and saw me in this unusual situation and when i told all of them the whole stopry my dad, picked up this book which had all Allah SWT’s 99 names and told me to read them, and Read Ayatal kursi on me and told me to go back to sleep again. To my surprise i woke up the next morning at 9 or 10 am. didnot offer the fajr prayer due to my periods. I was in Pakistan back then and after that we came to Chicago, USA.

# (#148) The worst part is that it still happens to me when I am uncleaned (in the state of menses), and its painful because I am 17 now, it won’t go away, and it doesn’t. Ya Allah Safe us from all these evil creatures or jinnaat, and keep them far away from the place I live in. Ameen Ur sister Huda Siddiqui, sumitted on Saturday, 23rd of June, 2006 at 10:35 pm. may Allah SWT bless us all and keep us safe and block us from the evildoers. Ma’asalama

# i awoke 2 c the sounds of a little girl one nite i asked whose there and in the most scariest tone it replied, you are sleeping on my baby sister as i moved i felt a strong force of energy slip beneath me awoozibillahhh’

# my husband and i decided went for a walk down the park wich is located just up th road, we saw three large black figures by the water doing something that we couldnt quite figure out ther were three figures then in front of our own very eyes and to our astonishment one of the figures moved towards the center of the lake [wich is very deep water} and stood still there on top of thw water my husband and i were lost for words and didnt no what to make out of it as the figure and shape was very humanlike and so we thought how can a person stand on top of water for so long we wre very shocked as this thing grew taller and taller

# i am 11 yrs old and wen i was sleeping a cat jumped on my bed and was looking at me and it said ‘diiiiz’ and it disapeared, diiiiz is my nickname.

# asalam alaikum people… my science teacher told me her experience..one night, around 1 or 2:00, my teacher went with her husband to a convinience store.between their house and the store there was first a little playground, then a pathway surrounded by trees..so while they were walking , my teacher thought she saw someone standing by the swings, but here husband told her to ignore, then after a while, when they were coming back, they again saw the person,but they kept looking staraight ahead trying to ignore him then they heard the sound of a man laughing, then they started running and stopped at the lamp post in front of their house,then about 3-4 seconds after they stopped, the lampost’s light went out…

# part 1 salaam to everyone. on friday’s usually my sis and i would set up sleeping bags in the living room to, stay up all night and watch movies. well on a particular friday not to long ago something really strange happend and to this day it still blows my mind away. we watched a couple of movies that night, we got tired it was around 1:am that we fell asleep. now let me tell u that i’m a very light sleeper the smallest creek would wake me up. so i’m in my sleeping bag asleep and my sis is next to me sound asleep, doors and windows were locked. the whole house was quiet and dimly lite by

# part2 the hallway light that we always kept on. this is were it gets weird, i hear a creeking sound as if someone was in the living room, so i try to brush it off but i just couldn’t it was like someone was standing in the room waiting then all of a sudden i fell these heavy boots step over me like someone trying to walk over me not waking me up, but i was awake and my senses were alert, i wasn’t frozen but i didn’t want what ever it was to know i was awake so i kept my eyes closed. I knew whatever it was, was a male, i could hear him proceed to walk over my sis and make his way to the hallway. when i sneaked a glance at the clock it was around 2am, i tried to brush it off I didn’t want to startle my sis so I read ayat al kursi in my mind and tried to fall asleep when

# Part 3After awhile the same foot steps returned from the hallway lightly stepping over us and out. This time I sprung out of my sleeping bag, the door was locked the windows locked everything was quiet. It was 4am I couldn’t sleep at all for the rest of the morning, when my mom awoke I told her what happened and she thinks it was a jinn, but it was the strangest thing I have ever experianced. Has anyone else had this happen to them??

# for #50 and i think 65:similar thing hapend ot me too.iwould not be fast sleep its just i nthe intiall stages of sleep, i will feel many many times thaticannot talk my lips are tied, canot move a limb, will try to cry out ,shout and wake up my hubby but wont be able to do anything.i thought thT Mybe its unconcious mind, it goes thorugh that with everyone once in a while.

# (cont)but now i doubt myself after reading all these post i belive could be somthig else but i have been experincing it since i was a child.i’ll feel like iam drowing or falling from highhh and then i feel a jerk in my body and will wake up my hubby always hold me when i feel that jerk i nmy body but he’s use to it now, me too i just go back ot sleep then. but i recite iyatul kursi 3 times and 3 kuls before goign ot bed every night after isha prayers its still hapens somtimes.

# sorry that for for 50 and #66, please can u tell me some more i do have severe headaches time to time and yes i do have irregulr menses. i am tryign to have a baby too since a yr but its not working out. i dont knwo any advice will eb appriciated.

# to#143, i dont understant what u mean by no one can control over jinn,(is it same with making jinn work for u?)prophet sulamaan (a.s) have control over jinns, jinns use to bring stuff for him and work for him. its in the quraan. plus i have heard many stories of people who said have control over jinns so i dont know…

# me and my siasters were upstairs chattin and my mum called us down to tell something. well she asked us if we could smell a nice smell just in the livin room. we could. it was very sterong. the problem was that the smell was only in one part of the room and nowere else. it was scary cos it happend the next two days. after that it nevre happend

# Tehmina ,London : Has anyone befriended a jinn before ? Come on someone must of met a really nice jinn by now ?

# To #161, I suggest that you go to a moulana that specializes in these kind of things. If you can’t find one, then just go to any scholar near you and talk to them.

# Me and my work coleague were going to a community centre where we delivered IT classes. It was only 1pm. We both looked up to the room where the class took place checking if any learners have arrived. We saw a lady at the window who was fully covered except her eyes. She was looking straight ahead. She didn’t acknowledge us which i thought was pretty strange. We just assumed it was a learner who came for the class. When we went to the room there was nobody there.

# Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem…… I was in the Middle East,I had went on vacation and left our family pet with a friend. One night as I was sleeping I felt the cat jump on my bed and start to walk up my legs. I automatically put my hand down to pet the cat and mid-way I realized the cat was not in the house. I sat up immediatly and no cat was there. I put this down to imagination and closed my eyes to sleep. As soon as my eyes were closed I could hear the cat purring in my ear and could even feels its breath. Subhannallah, I had never felt this kind of stomach wrenching fear.

# I was laying in bed trying to sleep. You know this almost asleep feeling, just as you drift off. I always sleep with my face on the edge of the bed, and I had opened my eyes to see a strange boy squatting beside my bed. He had strange sort of Japanese anime black hair and huge slanted black eyes. When I sat up I think he was scared and he pulled back. He was speaking some strange language to someone, which gave me the impression someone else was in the room. At the foot of my bed was another, but this one had the opposite characteristics of the first. He had long white hair and was of a feminine nature, reading a book. It was as though one was there to harm and the other to protect.

# salaam to everyone yes its true tht jinns r not a thing to be feared, when i was small i was riding my bike and i went under a long tree and i heard a voice calling sayin ‘he’ when i saw up nthin was thr i got really scared and i ran away with my cycle as fast as i could but know after hearing so many bayans i am not scared of jinns now i wish tht it happens to me again and i talk to him and say why r trying to scare people and would question him abt his age and …………….

# One time I went to sleep, in the middle of the night the Jinn that sits on your chest got me, my matress went all the way down and i couldnt move. I said some prayers and went back to sleep. I would like to know more about that type of jinn e-mail me at Rshinnawi@yahoo.com if you have an answer.

# Assalamwalaikum ok so newayz i got a few true jinn storiez myself… k so thiz 1 happnd 2 my cuzin… it waz late nite around 1:00 / 2:00 a.m. my cuzin waz sleepin n then all of a sudden she heard ALOT of kidz screamin n talkin n juz makin alot of noise …she went up2 the window (o yea i 4got 2 mention that their fam livez rite nxt 2 a man made lake n her room iz in the basement)..n she luked outside n saw around 5 kidz walkin in2 the lake… n THE SCARY PART IZ THAT THE KIDZ NEVER CAME BAKK!!!! but the most strangest thing iz tht there r NO KIDZ livin near their house!!!! n that lake iz not made 4 swimmin…so they walked in2 the lake n NEVER came bak!! i juz dun get it!!!

# hey duz ne1 hav ne storiez abt jinnz fallin in luv with sum1????…n wat xactly happenz wen a jinn fallz in luv with u?

# One night my cousin and I were watching TV together. I was laying on one couch and he was laying on the other, anyway, we were just laying down watching TV with the light on and suddenly the light shut off so i looked at my cousin to see if he did it but he was still laying down and there was no way he would be able to shut the light off without me noticing, but i asked him if he did it anyway and he said no, he thought i did it. So i got up and went over to the switch and it was off. i don’t know if it was jinn but it was very scary!..how could a light switch shut off by itself?..It must have been Jinn!

# there was once this man who always used to talk to jinns. He had a dream one day that a jinn came in the form of an angel. The angel/jinn told him so many things ( can’t rememba) then the man woke up and the jinn was right infront of his face. The man was stunned and he screamed. He was alone and nobody heard him. Three days later he died because he stayed away from the jinn.

# A lot of times at night i get paralyzed and can’t move or talk right as I TRY TO GO TO SLEEP. Then i will here noises like moving or banging or talking even though i cannot do anything or even sometimes open my eyes. I used to be scared but now i say to the jinn, you stupid genie, i am not scared of you, leave me alone because i never did anything to you, and now he never comes back.

# one time, late at night, i was on the computer chatting with friends and drinking milk. the milk glass was infront of me on the desk and all of a sudden it started moving. it wasnt even something i thought i saw out of my eye, i stopped typing and saw it sliding slowly across the desk. i even messaged one of my friends telling him what was happening as it was happening. i wasnt scared mashALlah(which is unlike me im kind of a wimp) also one time there was a spoon on the counter (again late at night) and i had my back to it and i just heard a clank and it was in the same place as if someone jsut dropped it there

# When you get possesed by a jinn then it is likely that you do pure black defications

# i was in scotcamp 2005 and hashim took a fit and screaming Allah and hittin his head off the wall after his fit stopped we discussed that the camp was in a jinn hotspot anyway, the east renfrewshire forest scotland danish

# about 2 months back i had gone to saudi for visa renewal.one day after fajar prayer i decided to study(am a graduation student)as i had taken my notes with me.we usually dont use our drawing room a lot.since it was very peaceful i decided to study there.just then i heard a woman come very near to me and saying hohohahaha.guess it was some jinn language.after a few days when i was trying to fall asleep i heard a woman crying aloud and to my surprise the crying sound was coming from a wall.

# Can anyone tell me how are jinn feet backwards.

# i went to a wedding in pakistan and in the evening when i came home i got severe migraines. i felt as something was hitting my head with a strong force. i would scream and cry. that isn’t the worst part. when i came back to england i started to have fits and blackouts and really really bad migranes. it was if i was being possessed. still not the worst part. then one evening i was taken to hospital because i was passing out and muttering stuff and my lips were blue (according to my family).

# after i was checked for brain tumours, menigitis etc i was discharged i had upto 20 fits a day. the doctors could do nothin. after i was dischargedat home according to my family i would strangle my self go unconscious laugh stop breathing and try to kill myself. the peer saab (religious scholar) was informed by my uncle. i visited them and they said i was either possessed or i had black magic done to me. but the m,ost scariest part forme was when i had dreams. a woman dressed in white would hold my hand i couldn’t see her face i would scream and cry. she would lead me to a graveyard and she would try to push me in. i would scream and scream

# ASALAMUALYKUM This is a true atory about adolf hittler and his 40 best men when they where in middle east.According to adolf Hittler They found a location cave that was long and that will take them to another side so he went in and his 40 men, once they came out the other side adolf hittlir turn around and look at his men that 2 of his men came out of cave with horror face he said waht happend to the others, one of his men said that he saw monster take grabing them one by one in horroble way.know one knows where the cave is thaht killed adolf hittlers 38 best men only thou if was spirit jinn then he would have stop this war. Abdul Zahed U.K

# I was sleeping and dreaming. Standing in the middle of green land with bluest sky and soft smelling fragrance thinking about Allah. I hear whispers from one direction and there’s nothing. it was saying, come here & saw a shimmering wall. I closed my eyes & walked through. I opened my eyes & i saw barren land, red everywhere. I could feel the heat hitting me & felt cold, really burning cold. i saw them, some of them were looking at me like you are not supposed to be here, some were really angry with me. Their bodies were like lava, red and black. They were telling me that i belong there. i felt pieces of skin being burn off & healed again & again. i turned around & walked back to the green land, said be ready for the day. i woke up.

# once at night it was a sunday night , my mother was doing laundry outside next door because we were you know getting ready for school.i had to watch my brothers and sisters. suddenly my mom called me from outside and said’oh i forgot to close the window in your bedroom please go and close it.so i was like sure mom.when i moved the curtain to the window i saw right in front of my face a figure that was so tall and it had red glowing eyes and on its shoulder was an owl with white gllowing eyes.i screaned and ran i forgot all about closing the window. i told my sisters ‘you guys there is a monster outside.they were like yeah right!i told my mom as usual she did not believe me.this happened when i was like 7 or 8 years.

# One night when my husband was working very late at night, I was home alone sleeping with my 2 year old son. While I was sleeping I heard someone ask me my name, and of course I ignored it because I thought I was dreaming. Then again, I heard someone say “WHAT IS YOUR NAME” very angrily. I woke up very fast then I heard someone say my name. It was my sleeping son. Alhumdulilah I lived in the same aparment building as my husbands family and one call was made to bring everyone in and pray!

# I remember one night(arround 3 in the morning),I was making dua and all of a sudden I heard the poster from my brother’s room being vilontly shakin.I was frozen head to toe since my bro wasn’t even home and my parents were fast a sleep. then I thought to myself maybe it fell from the wall. About 30 minutes later the same thing occured again this time I knew for sure it was evil jinns. Suhan Allah!

# One day I was praying with one of my muslims friends who wasn’t taking the religion that seriously and would do commit things that is forbidden in Islam.During prayer I felt really unconfortable beside him he kept on scratching alot and yawn alot. the way he yawed was unusual we sort of vibrated.Then I gazed at him side ways and to horrafied I saw his nose a bit croocked and a flame over his head about 5 inches tall. Wallahi at first I didn’t know what I was seeing but a few months later I learned that jinns are created from a smokless fire (suposably my fried has a evil jinn with him)

# One summer night after my father left to go pick my mom up from work, I was left alone at home. I was prayin extra prayers since I had nothing else to do then all of a sudden I hear from the corner of the window in a low straggled voice don’t pray to God. Althought I was scared to death and shaking I did not leave my prayer. After prayer I went up to the window and yelled yes I will pray to God. Subhan Allah alhamdulilah this happened to me cause it increased my faith in ALLAH dramatickly

# I just want to say that when you see a jinn or feel a present recite the adhan it is said that evil jiins flee from hearing the adhan. Also when night falls and your out from your home recite the adhan while entering your home since jiins rome arround after dark and enter open homes Salam walecom

# First of all .Rasul sallallahu alaihi wasallam,is the leader all of all Prophets and mankind.Leaders always have more than the those who are led ,When Islam was brought on earth all Jinns lost many of the powers they had.Rasul Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam had control over them but his mission was diffrent.When Rasul Sallahu alaihi wasallam read Quran Shareef good Jinns came and listened to him,and the worst of Jinns is cursed Satan . Rasul Sallallahu alai hi WasaLLam caught him once by the collar and threatened him.

# Salaam, Ive had this one experience am not sure if it was a jinn or just my imagination but when i began performing my salah and as i said allahu akbar i heard this screeching sound like a animal screaming, its scared me but i still continued my prayers…i still dont knw what that was

# we must remember that ALLAH protect us not charms or humanbeing only ALLAH so we turn to him for help in everything

# salaam,over da past few yers i av experienced a strange feelin at nite, not evry nite,but afta a few weeks or so.wen im abou 2fall asleep it feels as tho i am paralaysd &da only part of my body dat can move r my eyes.no matter how much i try to move i cant,& wen i read ayat-ul-kursi it goes away after a few seconds.it happens several times in da nite.once, wen it went,i turned to the other side to face my hubby and behind him i saw a red face with a pointy chin and evil eyes just hovering in the air nex to my bed.i was so scared so i woke my hubby and asked him to hold me.it went away afta dat on dat particular nite but it stil does come back 2me afta a few weeks or months.

# One time i was in a room, sleeping with my 2 friends and then i could not move and try to scream but could not…suddenly i scream againg but this time hard and then my 2 roomates heard me and got freaked out and then we all started laughting…

# one time my grandma was reading quran and a snake came through the to listen to him read.When he saw it he was frightened and killed it.Later on someone knocked on the door my grandpa opened it.2 jinns were there.they took him to an underground place.it seemed to be jinn territory.they said”do u know who u killed?they shoed him a body of a kid,it was their son.they said next time say a dua “which i forgot”when ur about to kill an animal. “

# once me and my cousins were at my house, and we saw something at the door. I thought it was one of my relitives, but when i opened my door, i saw nothin. When I came back , my cousin left. I was looking for her all over, and yet still couldn’t find her. When I went upstairs to cheak in the bathroom, I saw her lying down in bathtub wit blood flowing from nose. She was dazed,and saw that it was me, she snapped out of it and said she saw something going to the bathroom. So she followed it, and something pushed her toward the bathtub and then she felt that she was being tripped, and the all of a sudden her nose started bleeding. She started muttering about how someone was going to take her over. i read some surahs, and then read salah. SHe never acted that way again…

# To #163: If I remember correctly, then that was due to the presence of an ANGEL not a Jinni. 🙂 MashAllah!

# ppl who say they have seen or have been scred by a jinn have to FEQAR ALL MORE AND PRACTICE ISLAM MORE LIKE READING QURAN OR PARY 5TIMS A DAY!!!

# My 2 aunties where in a villiage in Pakistan. They went out to the fields next to there house to check on the crops or whatever, so when they went to the crops they saw a figure that looked exactly the same as there mother but my aunties mother was in Lahore at the time. So the figure that looked like my aunties mum was asking them to come to her but my aunties didnt go the her as they suspected something about her. They later on went to the Mulana and asked him what it could be and the Maulana said that it could of been a Jinn in the form of your mother trying to lure you and take you away. Only Allah knows.


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14 thoughts on “Jinn Stories #2”

  1. brothers and sisters calm down ok let me tell you an experience i had, NOW THESE DAYS AND THESE WEEKS i wanted to stay up one night and played quran in my room i didnt want the shaytan to annoy me and make me sleep but it was soorat al-baqarah by sudais, it was repeating as i wanted but accidentally i slept afterwards someone went stopped the quran while i was sleeping (my bro said it was him) but afterwards i had an arm or a leg COMMING UNDER MY ARMS AND A HEAD ON MY SHOULDER AND A VOICE SAYING IN AN EGYPTIAN ACCENT “leave this room that belongs to me!” but.. the house belongs to my grandfather he bought it for us we are temporarely living here and the room is definetely mine!(as for living in) but i kept saying dhikr before i sleep and played quran but as usual someone from my family closes it and wake at night as usual but something prevents me so badly to wake up and my ear cant hear the fajir athan! only at the end! but the shaytan is weak and also the bad ones from the jinn, and yesterday morning after fajir maybe after 6:00 i went to sleep i was absent from school im kinda sick so i said the dhikr before sleep it was ALL OK!! but until i woke up and slept again without dhikr (but i felt okay because the quran was playing) afterwards i woke up listening to the quran but something was invisible infront of me annoying me moving but i was waiting for him to burn from the quran it seemed to me so real i was looking at the room thinking THIS IS REAL OBVIOUSLY!! but my hands were invisible then i wanted to wake up so i kept clapping infront of my face then my hand STARTED APPEARING then i looked infront of me something crossing its hands over its face and screaming! “OOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!” BUT THAT WAS FUNNY then i got up and now its night and im okay alhamdulillah i think i cleared my room from jinn for daily quran because alhamdulillah i didnt see no stupid shaytan annoying me or stupid jinn living in my room its ok now i think this is for the first time in my life that im absoloutely free from shaytan and jinn alhamdulillah im not scared from no jinn. whoever reads ayat al-kursi after fajir before sunrise will be protected from jinn until night but if you read ayat al-kursi after asr before maghrib you will be protected from jinn until morning!!

  2. Naif- Welcome to Islamic Articles and thanks for commenting. This just goes to show how important it is to read over ourselves and do the evening dhikr before sleeping.

  3. Hello brothers and sisters, i pray five times a day and consider myself a faithful person, but sometimes i don’t pray my prayers on time and wait till the end of the day to do them all and i haven’t read the Quran yet. i also only know about 8 surahs. anyway recently i have been experiencing weird happenings in my room (and only in my room), when i sleep i hear the floor creek, my bed moves, and sometimes i hear whispers, and one time i heard footsteps when i had my eyes closed but i was still aware of my surroundings, then all of a sudden i was about to get up and get a glass of water when i was pinned down to my bed unable to move, breath, or speak, and i barely uttered the word awudubilah min shaitan rajeem bismillah hirahman araheem and it stopped right away. the fact that it stopped right after i said that made me aware that this was an evil presence. it happens occasionally, but i say duah regularly and it hasn’t happened in like 3 weeks. please if anyone knows what would help, tell me. thanks.

  4. Hasan- A gentle reminder, the proper greeting of a Muslim to other Muslims is “Asalamu Alaikum”. Alhamdulillah it hasn’t happened in 3 weeks. Familiarize yourself with the du’a of protection before sleeping and those for morning/evening dhikr, ayat al-Kursi, the last three surahs of the Qur’an and the last 2 ayat of surat al-Baqarah.

  5. assalam aleikum.am a moslem and thanks god am trying ma best to learn the quran this stories are there and true insha-allah i will narrate mine soon.but yasin,ayatul kursi,nas,falaq,kulhua-ala uhad a strong suras apart from yasin read the rest three times before going to bed insha-allah allah the almighty will proect you ameen

  6. well am a moslem asaalam aliekum.first we shld thank god that we were born in this religion.a jinn has ever fallen in love with me.ill get bak nxt time and tell you the story am abit free now.

  7. Latifa- Wa alaikum salam, I’m sorry to hear that a jinn has fallen in love with you. Insha’Allah you have gotten rid of it!

  8. Latifa- Wa alaikum salam, may Allah make it easy for you to learn the Qur’an in Arabic ameen. Jazaki’Allahu khair for the advice.

  9. Aslam alaycum, brothers and sisters of islam

    I (inshallah) have intension to be a professional in this fields (By the most greatests will) i have studied qutie a bit about jinnat. And i have had alot of encounters with them , i also have been possessed by them and still am, but now i have weakend it subanhanallah i i can controll my self properly . I stilll get allot of weird thing happening to me at night BUT WHAT IT DOES IS IT MAKES ME MORE STRNGER N MORE OF A BELIVER IN MY LORD. Just to let u know soo i know what half of you have been through brothers and sissters (your not alone ).

    Bismilallahi rahhmannin raheeem

    Allah (swt) has allowed me to share my knowledge with all of you. Firstly all praise be to Allah(swt) no matter what,Jinns are like us they have patners,mate,eat,have offspring,sleep they even have the own religion.Never fear them for the day you fear them for when u fear them brother andd sisters of islam is when they run all over you , no matter what happen fear allah. If somthing happen to you that is scary or shocking and you fear them they will become very very big( like a mountain) but if you just say ”that only happend of the will of allah ackie i recommend you all watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3_vm3UMyho …. and for those who thing you are possed listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2DFjPzTyTU.. up to part 4 .. and also inshallah for those who think their house has a jinnat in it take out any picture is their is(any pictures that are liveable for .e.g cat,dog,mice,bird if u have this then thats the reason why your house has strange thing happening in them adn to also put on sura albaqrah on lougly every day very importand salam alaycum …..salam alaycum

  10. Aslam alaycum, brothers and sisters of islam

    contact me by email for more info (jama10@hotmail.co.uk)

    may allah protect us from the unseen ammeeen

  11. And to aslo tell you that firstly , jinns cann not be seen brothers n sisters soo what u see wehn u say u see a black tall thinhg wiv red eyes leg truned backward thats why they are called the unseeen ackkies. no matter what you would not see them, u can only see them when they change in form e.g animals, humans. Soo never thing u see them jazakallah khar … inshallah this will be usefull info

  12. Brother in isam- Wa alaikum salam, ameen. Thank you for telling your experience and alhamdulillah you have weakened the jinn inside of you. May they continue to weaken and leave ameen.

  13. Salam all!! greetings from canada, ontario. i think this was a bit last year or so. It was summer and my family were all fast asleep. except me and my ma. I had a huge room to share but at the time i was all alone. It was clear i was scared of jinn so i kept the lights on as i slept. later then after pondering with my eyes open in bed i just suddenly hear a scratching noise. I notice the visible hand print on the ceiling, i dont kno who did it but i figured it was my cousins or someone. The scratching noise came from the ceiling so i was getting my anxiety kicked in and shivering. Then i just stared at the handprint and yelled for my mom, “MOM!!” she replied “yeaa?” and i had a whimper tone, “THERES SCRATCHING NOISES!!!” after that she didnt reply since she was on the phone. i took my blanket and ran to her room. i told her everything and she said “a’oothubilah.” i repeated her and and got in bed with her and slept for a bit. i didnt really sleep but i was half awake. I noticed my mom thought i was sleeping and she left to cook something for herself. I moved to the spot she was sleeping cause it was more comfortable. I was now alone with my 3 sleeping brothers. I was thinking about the scratching noise the whole time. Then the scratching noise came b ack at the same place, the ceiling. I started to cry and ran to my ma, and she didnt believe me this time. she told me to sleep and i didnt know any ayat kursi at that time. So i just lay down with my ears plugged and i went to sleep alhamdulilah. Anyone have an answer 4 this??? pls dm me on ig, tbh.lolly

  14. Wa alaikum as-salam, anytime you get scared like this it is best to recite ayat al-kursi until you feel better. Also need to start spraying your home with recited water: corners of walls, windows, door frames, ceilings and cleaning floors with recited water. Do not spray inside bathroom.

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