Participants Needed For An Arabic Video Presentation Series About How To Survive The Outdoors

Asalamu Alaikum

Brother Muhammad Mercan of Turtle Island Muslims is searching for Arabic-speaking participants for a documentary he is creating on how to survive the outdoors. If you are interested or know someone who would be, please contact Brother Muhammad at the email address listed below.

JazakumAllahu khair,

Tara Umm Omar



Salaamu Aleykum,

I’m Muhammed Mercan living in Northern Ontario involved in a video presentation series in Arabic about the outdoors. This is what I have in mind and what I need help with:

Right now people around the world are talking about global warming and how to tackle it with being closer to nature. There’s a few TV shows about nature that are getting high ratings all around the world. Well Muslims in Muslim countries live in various climates and posses various skills regarding the location they live in. In Siberia Muslims live in very cold temperatures, Siberia being colder than the North Pole. In Indonesia and Malaysia some Muslims live in the tropical jungle areas and posses the skills of living the tropical jungle. In Africa there is Muslims who know how to live in the savanna and the jungle areas. In North Africa there is Muslims who live in the heat of the Sahara desert. There is Muslims skilled in survival and life in all the harsh climates, but once they are out of their region they lack the skills and knowledge of the new region they find themselves in. Many Muslims are afraid of going to a foreign unknown land while there is nothing to be afraid of there and there is other Muslims there to. Because of the lack of exchange of information among Muslims many Muslims do not know much about the outdoors outside their locations and then they believe in folklore tales that are simply tales and no reality.

Through a video presentation that can be aired on TV or shown on the internet or viewed on DVD I want to show an Arabic program about staying safe in Nature in various locations around the world under various conditions. I need help with that mainly in the field of getting through to a network such as a TV channel to put out the program and make it accessible to all Arabic speaking Muslims. For now I am able to cover my travel and equipment expenses and get the project launched, but in the future I will need a sponsor and if possible I’d do this as a profession for the next 10 years or longer. The help that I need doesn’t have to be Sadaqa. I’m more interested in a business relationship with whoever would air my show. I understand that if my program is aired on TV or the internet and has good ratings, then the advertisements during the airing of my show would bring income and a portion of that income could go towards my expenses and towards making more filming and higher quality filming.

I’ll end on saying that this is a serious matter and that if Muslims don’t get educated about the environment, they will continue believing folklore tales that are not what the environment is in reality and then they will resort to unsustainable clear cutting of forests and when they convince themselves that a tale from folklore about nonexistent creatures is true, that opens the door for them to believe in all kinds of untrue things including Shirkiyaat.

Jezakumullahu Khayran

contact: Muhammed Mercan, e-mail:

Photo Credit: Pedronet


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