Video: First Deaf Umrah

Asalamu Alaikum

For those hearing impaired viewers, please note that this video does not have English captions. However you can understand the gist of it from the still pictures. It was very nice to see them experience their first umrah and meet hearing impaired Saudis. May Allah accept their umrah ameen.

Tara Umm Omar

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2


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Family historian of Broussard, Gregory, Sledge and Williams family tree

10 thoughts on “Video: First Deaf Umrah”

  1. masallah/tabarakallah/barakallahi. hold firm to your excellent road of islamics dear little sister tara umm umar.

  2. Farook- Asalamu Alaikum, ameen. I pray the same for you and your family ameen.

  3. Asalaam Alaikum.
    Mash’Allah that now impaired Muslims can go on Umrah.
    May Allah guide us all upon the right path.

  4. impaired muslims have since quite long been seen on hajj/umrah trips, on push/wheel chairs or even on those 4 strong black african brothers altogether carrying them disabled in the special ‘bed/chairs’raised on these strong bros’ shoulders, moving very quickly [sometimes endangering those on foot] around the holy qabaa in tawaaf.
    btw, umm tara how do i get on my computer that very impressive round calendar displaying @ 4/7 hijri on top circle & western calendar dates on the bottom circle , pl. jazakallakhairan. wslmsww

  5. jazakallahkhairan, sis umm, for the above habib link, but i meant the one used by you in your issues, showing constantly not intermittently as in habib www, 2 circles one inside the other. on the lower circle top &below the top circle, in the space in between, we see alhijri dates : ‘1431 jumada2 – 16’ in the lower space we see ‘2010 may 30’ . kindly send detailed info as at 69 & 62+we are 2 big computer illiterate/ idiots.

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