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Asalamu Alaikum. Sister Rabia has asked me to post this announcement of her new blog, Muslimah Blogger Directory. Tara Umm Omar

I have created a blog directory for all Muslimah blogs/websites. It doesn’t matter what you blog about, you just have to be a Muslimah. To submit your blog email me: rabiaaisrabiaa at gmail dot com.

When you email me, you must include the following:

Blog Link

Blog Title

Name (first or first and last name)

Blog Category: fashion, cooking, personal, random (if you can’t think of a category, I’ll take a look at your blog and create one for you).

You don’t have to email the below information if you don’t want but it would be better:

Country you’re in or from

Any other interesting facts about you

Please tell any other Muslimah bloggers you know about this directory!

Thank you,


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