New On Islamic Articles!

Asalamu Alaikum

Most of the changes have been added to the right sidebar. The following widgets have been added…

1. The signature of my kunya, Tara Umm Omar. This will also be added at the bottom of all new posts insha’Allah. Underneath the image of my kunya is a brief description of me. 

2. A form to submit the name of your website/blog, the URL address of the link page, your email address and message/comment field if you have linked to Islamic Articles. If you submit your information, I will gladly return the favor and email you when your website/blog has been added to Islamic Articles insha’Allah. 

3. An image of the wonderful Jean Sasson’s book, Growing Up Bin Laden. If you click on the link, it will redirect you to so that you can buy it if you like.

4. The time and weather in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia within an hour or two of the latest forecast. Lately its hot!

5. A poll to vote whether you think niqab is wajib (obligatory) or mustahabb (recommended).

6. Endorsements.

7. My Flickr photo stream. It displays pictures I took on a trip to Jubail during May 2011.

8. This And That: two photos of the things dear to my heart. One is my hometown and the other tastes good but is not good for you health 🙂

9. WordPress links that includes a log in/log out field for those who have a WordPress blog. It includes the RSS feeds to receive Islamic Articles’ posts and comments as well as a link back to 

10. Visitors online

11. Blog stats

Enjoy! FiAmanAllah…


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