Michigan Muslim Woman Killed In Syria Will Be Given A Christian Burial By Her Non-Muslim Family

photocreditdailymailAsalamu Alaikum

The title of the article alleges that Nicole Lynn Mansfield was converted by Ayman Muhammad Bafil which contradicts the following excerpts, “The turning point in her life appears to have been five years ago when she met Bafil and converted to Islam, though it is not clear if he introduced her to the religion or if she was already interested in becoming a Muslim.” and “It is not clear if Nicole was already a Muslim before she met Bafil or if he persuaded her to convert, although in Islam converting a non-believer is seen as extremely praiseworthy.” So which one is it? Allah knows best. If she was a Muslim, she will be buried according to the Christian faith. That is her qadr…sad. This should serve as a reminder of how important having a will is for Muslims, especially reverts who have non-Muslim family and no Muslim heirs. Read more http://wp.me/pIvgV-Pf

FiAmanAllah, Tara Umm Omar

Photo Credit: Daily Mail



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