Interview With Jinn (Dua Dunia)


22 October 2013 update: A reader notified me that the Dua Dunia videos on YouTube have been taken down. I am not sure but I think this is the website of the show? Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be any English subtitles embedded in the videos.

Asalamu Alaikum

There are a total of 17 videos on the Judhazt KASKUS YouTube channel which have English subtitles. The owner gives a brief description followed by a disclaimer:

“A TV channel in Indonesia has a program called ‘Dua Dunia’ (Two Worlds). They came to some place, based on people reports about sacred places and haunted places. To do some interview with JINN haunted there and explain the myths and urban legend in Islamic perception. There’s no manipulation. Everything is real. The mediators is really [sic] possessed by JINNS. Thanks [sic] to @Allemocis for the original uploads. Note: This video does not meant for telling the audience to do what is done in this video. This video is simply to uncover the the myths and straightening the information from the world of Jinn. And to expand our knowledge about them. Whatever information contained in this video, dont make it as a standard of the truth. You should filter it carefully according to the Islam perspective.”

It is a questionable practice that the “mediums” allow themselves to be possessed so that they can ask the jinn questions. If anyone has a fatwa on this subject, please send it to me in a comment. Nevertheless, it is interesting to see the manifestations and to read what the jinn say (although they are liars) which should help confirm the belief in Islam and how we should protect ourselves against the jinn. One of the prevailing dialogues between the humans and jinns in these videos is that the jinn think that we should ask permission from them before we use anything on the earth because they don’t understand that Allah made humans kalifat on earth. We can’t see the jinn, their houses or possessions and they don’t realize this so they seek revenge on us when it comes to our health, wealth and family.

You can view the 17 videos here.




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