The Jinn Don’t Like Hijamah

photocredithijamaherbsThe Jinn Cried Out, “Stop It, Stop It”
Written by aminshah
Shahclan Hijama Herbs
May 17, 2013

LEFT PICTURE: Ailments from the unseen realm such as possession of jinn, effects of black magic and evil eye are dismissed by modern medicine as hocus pocus. However, these unseen ailments are confirmed by Quran and Hadith as true and have real effects on the human body. MIDDLE PICTURE: Abou Mohamed, a well known Raaqi in UK, performing Rukyah by reciting Quranic verses to remove jinn from the body of a man. RIGHT PICTURE: Since jinns move around by way of the bloodstream, Hijama plays an important role in expelling jinns from the body.

A couple of weeks ago, a women called us and made an appointment for Hijama. On the day of the appointment, when she arrived, my wife Nusrat welcomed her in and took her to the room to perform Hijama.

At that same time, I was performing Hijama on a male client who was suffering from sciatic nerve back pain. As I was treating the man, I suddenly heard some unusual noises coming out of Nusrat’s hijama room.

I was quite shocked at the weird sounds, so I told my client to excuse me for a minute and walked over to Nusrat’s hijama room. I knocked on the door that was closed and asked, “Is everything alright?”

Nusrat stepped out, grabbed my hand and took me to another room and said, “This woman has a jinn in her. I thought she was kidding when she first told me. But she really has a jinn in her.”

“Really?” I asked. Nusrat went on to say, “Yes, as I’m doing Hijama, the women’s voice changed and she started talking in a man’s voice.”

Worried about any negative reactions on Nusrat, I told her to stop the Hijama and tell the woman to come back tomorrow with her husband, and that I would be present in tomorrow’s session too.

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Photo Credit: Shahclan Hijama Herbs



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