Shaykh ibn Uthaimeen.
(Mahmu’ Fataawa wa Sasaa’il ash-Sheikh: 3/155)
Q. 131: There are many different types of dolls, some are made of cotton and are merely a sack with different sections as a head, two arms and two feet. Whilst some accurately resemble a human and others speak, cry or walk. What is the ruling of making of buying such types of dolls for small girls designed for their education and amusement?
The answer: As for the inaccurately detailed doll, such that it consists of some limbs, a head and does not show any close resemblance to a human, there i no doubt as to it permissibility. It is of the type of dolls that Aaisha (radiallahu anha) used to play with. Whereas id it is complete in it’s resemblance to a human, as if you were looking at one, especially if it moves or speaks, then I have a doubt about it’s permissibility because it totally emulates that created by Allah. It is apparent that the dolls that Aaisha (radillahu anha) used to play with were different to this, therefore to avid it is more worthy, but I so not affirm that it is forbidden. Bearing in mind that it is permitted for children in such mattes that which is not permitted for adults. For it is created within the nature of children to like playing and amusement and they are not responsible for any type of worship, so that we could have possibly argued that their time is wasted in such playing and amusement. If a person wants to be safe in such matters, let him cut the dolls head off or heat it up over fire until it becomes soft and then press away it’s features.
Shaykh ubn Uthaimeen.

(Majmu’ Fataawa was Rasaa’il ash-Sheikh: 3/156)

Q. 132: Is there a difference between a child making these toys and us making them and buying them for them?
The answer: I maintain that to produce them in such a fashion that emulates the creation of Allah is forbidden, because this is a type of depicting live beings, as to which there is no doubt concerning it’s prohibition. If they are imported to us from Christians or other disbelievers, to posses one is as I have mentioned in the beginning forbidden. As doe concerning the purchase of toys, instead of buying such dolls, we should buy things that so not consist of pictures such as bicycles, toy cars, swings and other similar toys. As for the rag doll that does not accurately depict a human being, even though it consists of limbs, a head and neck, but there are no eyes or nose, there is no harm in it because it does not emulate that created by Allah.


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