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From the aqidah of a Muslim is that he believes, in accordance with the revealed texts, that the khilaafah lasted for thirty years, that Allaah raised it, and replaced it with kingship, and that prior to the approach of the hour, Allaah will send down the khilaafah upon the Prophetic methodology. And this contains glad tidings for the Muslim who shows concern for his aqidah and strives to purify his belief, returning to that which the Companions were upon in the time of Prophethood and the rightly-guided khilaafah.

The hadeeth narrated by Safeenah (radiallaahu anhu), that the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

خلافة النبوة ثلاثون سنة ثم يؤتي الله الملك من يشاء

The Prophetic khilaafah will last for thirty years. Then Allaah will give the dominion to whomever He wills.

Reported by Abu Dawud and al-Haakim. Saheeh al-Jaami’ as-Sagheer (no. 3257) declared Saheeh by Imaam al-Albaani (rahimahullaah).

And in the Sunan of Abu Dawud, there occurs after this hadeeth, what is said by Sa’eed bin Jamhaan, who narrated from Safeenah:

قال سفينة: امسك، خلافة أبي بكر رضي الله عنه سنتين، وعمر رضي الله عنه عشراً، وعثمان رضي الله عنه اثنتي عشر، وعلي ستّاً

Safeenah said (to me): Hold on (meaning, listen), the khilaafah of Abu Bakr (radiallaahu anhu) was two years, and [that of] Umar (radiallaahu anhu) was ten years, and [that of] Uthmaan (radiallaahu anhu) twelve years, and [that of] Alee (radiallaahu anhu) six years.

Abu Dawud, Kitaab us-Sunnah, Chapter on the Khulafaa, (no. 4647).

Also reported by Safeenah, the saying of the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam):

الخلافة بعدي في أمتي ثلاثون سنة ثم ملك بعد ذلك

The khilaafah after me in my Ummah will last for thirty years. Then there will be kingship after that.

Reported in the Musnad Imaam Ahmad, by at-Tirmidhi, Musnad Abi Ya’laa, and Ibn Hibbaan. Saheeh al-Jaami’ as-Sagheer (no. 3341) declared Saheeh by Imaam al-Albaani (rahimahullaah).

From Hudhayfah that the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

تكون النبوة فيكم ما شاء الله أن تكون ، ثم يرفعها الله إذا شاء أن يرفعها ، ثم تكون خلافة على منهاج النبوة ، فتكون ما شاء الله أن تكون ، ثم يرفعها الله إذا شاء أن يرفعها ، ثم تكون ملكا عاضا ، فيكون ما شاء الله أن تكون ، ثم يرفعها الله إذا شاء أن يرفعها ، ثم يكون ملكا جبريا ، فتكون ما شاء الله أن تكون ، ثم يرفعها إذا شاء أن يرفعها ، ثم تكون خلافة على منهاج النبوة ، ثم سكت

The Prophethood will remain amongst you for as long as Allaah wills it to be. Then Allaah will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be the khilaafah upon the Prophetic methodology. And it will last for as long as Allaah wills it to last. Then Allaah will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be biting kingship, and it will remain for as long as Allaah wills it to remain. Then Allaah will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be tyrannical (forceful) kingship and it will remain for as long as Allaah wills it to remain. Then He will raise it when He wills to raise it. Then there will be a khilaafah upon the Prophetic methodology.

Then he (the Prophet) was silent.

Reported by Ahmad and Abu Dawud. Silsilah as-Saheehah of Imaam al-Albani (1/34 no. 5) and it is Saheeh. And Shaykh al-Albaani (rahimahullaah) commented upon this hadeeth saying:

ومن البعيد عندي حمل الحديث على عمر بن العزيز ؛ لأن خلافته كانت قريبة العهد بالخلافة الراشدة ، ولم يكن بعد ملكان : ملك عاض وملك جبرية والله أعلم

And it is remote, in my view, to apply this hadeeth to (the khilaafah) of Umar bin Abdil-Azeez, because his khilaafah was close to the rightly-guided khilaafah, and the two types of kingship, the biting kingship and forced, tyrannical kingship had not occurred after (the rightly-guided khilaafah).

And Abu Umaamah relates that the Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) said:

لتنقضن عرى الإسلام عروة عروة فكلما انتقضت عروة تشبث الناس بالتي تليها فأولهن نقضا الحكم و آخرهن الصلاة

The handholds of Islaam will be annulled, one by one, and every time a handhold is annulled the people will hold fast to the one that follows it. The first of them to be annulled is the rule (al-hukm), and the last of them is the prayer (as-salaat).

Reported by Ahmad in his Musnad, Ibn Hibbaan and al-Haakim. Saheeh al-Jaami’ as-Sagheer (no. 5057) of Shaykh al-Albaanee who declared it Saheeh.

And Shaykh Abdul-Azeez bin Baz (rahimahullaah) commented, upon the previous hadeeth (as occurs in Majmoo’ ul-Fataawa wa Maqaalaat al-Mutanawwi’ah):

ومعنى قوله في الحديث: “وأولها نقضاً الحكم” معناه ظاهر وهو: عدم الحكم بشرع الله وهذا هو الواقع اليوم في غالب الدول المنتسبة للإسلام. ومعلوم أن الواجب على الجميع هو الحكم بشريعة الله في كل شيء والحذر من الحكم بالقوانين والأعراف المخالفة للشرع المطهر

And the meaning of his saying in the hadeeth: “The first of them to be anulled is the rule (al-hukm)”, its meaning is apparent, and it is the absence of ruling by the legislation of Allaah, and this is what is present today in most of the states ascribing to Islaam. And it is known that what is obligatory upon all is to judge by the Sharee’ah of Allaah in all things and to beware of judging by the secular laws, and the customs that oppose the pure legislation.

Notes and Benefits

In these divinely revealed texts, there is a refutation of the likes of Hizb ut-Tahrir, al-Muhajiroon, and all the fake group-names they go under, “the Ghurubaa”, “the Saved Sect” and so on, recently parading under the banner of “Salafiyyah”, deceiving the Muslims, as has been the habit of their fake scholar, Omar Bakri, the man with fake credentials. The khilaafah only lasted thirty years and there has been no khilaafah since that time, rather it has been kingship up until this day of ours, with an honourable mention of the rule of mercy of Mu’aawiyah (radiallaahu anhu) and the rule of Umar bin Abdul-Azeez (rahimahullaah). And this indicates the ignorance of these people who go around chanting “1924” thinking, in their compound ignorance, that the khilaafah was abolished in 1924 and that the Ottoman State was a khilaafah, when it was hereditary kingship, judging with a mixture of Hanafi law and the “Qanun” law based upon localized customs (urf), much of which were remnants of the Yasaa of Genghis Khan.

Affirmation through the divinely revealed text that Mu’aawiyyah was the first king in Islaam, and that from his time, hereditary kingship was the mode of rule, and that Allaah gives the rule to whomever He pleases. And that after the Prophetic khilaafah a biting type of kingship appeared, one in which Islaam was not applied completely in all areas and in which there were errors and transgressions. It was in this midst that the innovations of the Qadariyyah and the Murji’ah also appeared. Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah explains (Majmoo’ 10/354):

The kingship of Mu’aawiyah was one of mercy, and when Mu’aawiyah departed – may Allaah’s mercy be upon him – and the leadership of Yazeed came, and there occured therein the tribulation of the killing of Husain in Iraq, and the fitnah of the people of Harrah in Madinah, and the siege of Makkah, when Abdullah bin Zubayr made his stand. Then Yazeed passed away and the Ummah split, Ibn az-Zubayr in the Hijaaz, Banu al-Hakam in Shaam, and al-Mukhtaar bin Abee Ubayd seizing power in Iraaq. All of this took place at the end of the period of the Companions, when there only remained the likes of Abdullah ibn ‘Abaas, Abdullah ibn Umar, Jaabir ibn ‘Abdullah, Abu Saeed al-Khudree and others. The innovations of the Qadariyyah and the Murji’ah then occurred and it was rejected by those Companions who remained, as they had, along with others, refuted the innovations of the Khawaarij and the Raafidah (previously).

And all of this occurred just prior to the emergence of the innovations of the Jahmiyyah and the Mu’tazilah in the early second century hijrah.

And regarding what took place of the annulment of the rule (al-hukm), and the splitting and division of power, and the forced, tyrannical kingship (mulk jabariyy) that then took place in the Ummah, then the Scholars have clarified that obedience is due to these rulers in whatever is ma’roof (good), and the fact that there was no khilaafah was not an abrogation of what is found in the Book and the Sunnah of the obligation to obey the rulers in that which is ma’roof (good).

Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajr said in al-Fath (7/13):

The Fuqaha, Jurists are in agreement concerning the obligation to give obedience to the Sultan who took over them by force and also to perform Jihaad along with him. [And that] obeying him is better than rebelling against him due to what this would contain of the shedding of blood and subduing of the common masses.

Shaikh Abdul-Lateef bin ‘Abdur-Rahmaan bin Hassan Aal Shaikh said as occurs in “Majmu’ Rasa’il wal-Masa’il an-Najdiyah” (3/128):

And the People of Knowledge are unanimously agreed concerning giving obedience to the one who took over them by force in whatever constitutes goodness. They see it necessary to fulfil his orders and hold the correctness of his Imaamah, leadership. No two people [amongst them] differ concerning that. They also deem it impermissible to rebel against him with the sword and to divide the Ummah, even if the leaders are sinful, so long as they do not see clear open kufr. The various texts [of these Jurists] from the four Imams and other than them and their likes in this regard are [certainly] present.

Shaikh ul-Islaam Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhaab said as occurs in “Ad-Durar as-Sunniyah fil-Ajwibat un-Najdiyyah” (7/239):

The Imaams from every Madhhab are agreed concerning the one the forcefully took over a region or regions that he has the ruling of “Imaam” in all matters. If this had not been so then the affairs of the world would never have been established. This is because for a very long time, before the era of Imaam Ahmad till this day of ours, the people have never gathered behind a single Imaam. And they do not know anyone from the Scholars who has mentioned that any of the Shareeýah rulings cannot be correct [effected, implemented] except by the overall Imaam [the Khalifah].

As-San’aanee, in explanation of the hadeeth, “Whoever left obedience [to the Imaam] and separated from the Jamaa’ah and then died, then his is a death of Jaahiliyyah”, said, as occurs in Subul us-Salaam “Sharh Bulugh ul-Marýam min Adillat il-Ahkaam” (3/499):

His saying, “…left obedience…”, meaning obedience to the Khalifah concerning whom there is agreeement. And it is as if the intent here is the Khalifah of a particular region because the people have never gathered together behind a single Khalifah in all the lands of Islaam since the time of the Abbasi State. Rather, the people of every region were independent with someone presiding over their affairs. If the hadeeth was taken to mean the overall Khalifah which the people of Islam had united behind, there would have been no benefit in it.

Ash-Shawkaani said in “as-Sail al-Jaraar” (4/512):

As for when Islaam spread and its territories expanded and its regions became distant [from each other], then it is known that in all of these regions loyalty was given to an Imaam or Sultaaný So there is no harm in the multiplicity of Imaams and Sultaans and it is obligatory for those people in whose land his orders and prohibitions become effective to give obedience to him after having giving bai’ah to him. It is likewise for the people of all the other regions.

Despite the absence of the khilaafah and the annulment of the rule (al-hukm), it is still, nevertheless, obligatory upon all rulers to strive to abide and judge by the Sharee’ah in all of the affairs, in aqidah, in ibaadah, in mu’aamalah, in the sharee’ah rulings, in trade, commerce, punishments and so on.



London School of Pharmacy, Talk 2

Muslim Student Org UK

Assalam alaikum brothers and sisters.

Rasool (saws) has said in a hadith: “The knots of Islam will be broken one by one until each one of them is broken. The first knot to be broken will be the knot of ruling, and the last knot to be broken will be the knot of Salat.”

The first knot of Islam to be broken was broken in 1924, when the knot of the Khilafah was broken and the knot of ruling was broken. Then everything else from Islam crumbled from that day until today, where people are not even punished for not praying and people do not even pray. And indeed the Messenger Muhammad (saws) has spoken the truth. This hadith was mentioned in the Musnad of Ahmad.

The Kuffar realised that the power of Islam and the dominance of Islam come from the ruling of Islam. Which is why the Prime Ministers and the politicians of this very government of this very country we sit in, they told us this when they destroyed the Khilafah from their very hands. The British foreign minister, when he addressed the British Prime Minister shortly before World War II, was quoted as saying, and this is a true quote: “We must put an end to anything that brings about any Islamic unity between the sons of Muslims. As we have already succeeded in finishing off the Khilafah. So we must ensure they never arise again, unity for the Muslims whether it be cultural or intellectual unity.”

And the foreign minister in front of the House of Commons after the Lausanne Treaty of July 24, 1924 said “the situation now is that Turkey is dead. And she will never rise again because we have destroyed her moral strength, the Khilafah and Islam.”

Brothers and sisters this is the sad reality we are in. The knots of Islam are falling apart and the British were the ones who destroyed the Khilafah. And the situation we have today is that all over the world the Muslims are without a leader. They are without an Imam and they are without protection. And we find that because of this situation we are suffering humiliation after humiliation. And we are suffering torture and we are suffering punishment after punishment from the Kuffar. And we have nobody to protect the honour of our sisters. We have no Imam to protect the honour of our sisters as we had the Khalifah Mutasim Billah. When one Muslim sister was attacked by the Romans in the Roman city, one Muslim sister was attacked. She was not raped. She was not killed. She was not murdered. She did not have her throat slit, like our sisters in Bosnia. She did not have her baby taken from her stomach, like the Muslim sister had in Bosnia when they were cut open alive. Nothing like this happened to her. Simply she was abused. And she shouted, “Ya Mutasim”. And that is all she shouted. And the Khalifah Mutasim Billah, these word reached him and he called the emergency sixth azan in the masjid and all of the Muslims gathered in the masjid. And they said, “what is the matter?” And he said that “a report has reached me that one Muslim sister was attacked in a Roman city.” He said “Wallahi, I will send an army that is so big that when it reaches them it is still leaving our base. And tell me the strongest city of these Romans and I will send the army to that city.” This was the decisive response of the Khalifah. When the honour of one sister was touched.

The British realised that this is the strength of Islam. So they destroyed the Khilafah and they destroyed the protection for the din, when they ruined it and destroyed it with utter destruction in 1924.

So the situation today is that we became products of their colonisation. We became products of their intellectual colonisation, when they convinced us, as they indeed promised to convince us when they said “We must ensure that there never arises any unity within the sons of Muslims”, and they succeeded in convincing us that Islam has no system. That Islam has no ruling, has no economics, it has nothing to say about life’s affairs. It’s a religion. And they convinced us of this and we became products of their colonisation and followed in the footsteps of the Shaitan by following them in their kufr and following them in their Secularism and Capitalism. So this is the situation today.

What is the conclusion of all the weeks’ events in which we have been discussing. What is the conclusion from the event on Monday where we spoke about the farce of the American elections? What is the conclusion from the discussion on Tuesday when we debated with the director of the IMF for Europe and refuted his Capitalist system? What is the conclusion from Wednesday when we debated with the Anarchist and found that not only is Capitalism not the solution, but neither is Anarchism, Communism or any of these other man-made ideologies? What is the conclusion on Thursday when we had Tafsir of Quran? And the conclusion that we bring to you today is that the only salvation for the Muslims and for the rest of the world is to resurrect this Khilafah ruling system. To resurrect the objective for which Allah (swt) sent the Quran. He said in the Quran, when He said the reason why he gave this to us “I revealed to you this book in truth” For what purpose? Why was the Quran revealed? Allah (swt) continued in saying “So you may rule between mankind with what Allah has shown you” [TMQ 4:105] And this is the solution and the conclusion that we wish to present today.

That the Quran was revealed to rule between mankind by what Allah has shown you. Not just to rule between Muslims. Not even to sit on the top shelf as it does today. Not just to be recited in the month of Ramadhan, which yes are very good actions but the purpose, which Allah has set for this book, is to rule between mankind. To take mankind out of the darkness into the light. The Khilafah ruling system, the ruling by the Shari’ah, the protection of the Deen is a Fard on every single one of our necks. The fact that this is a Fard is proven conclusively from various evidences in the Quran and the Sunnah. Every one of us here claims to have Imaan. Every one of us here claims to believe in Allah (swt), believe in the Quran. So we claim to have Imaan. But Allah (swt) swears, and He doesn’t just swear on anything. Allah (swt) swears by the biggest thing any one could ever swear upon. Especially the oath of Allah (swt) who never breaks His oath. And Allah (swt) says “I swear by your Lord” He’s swearing by your lord “They will not have Iman (they will not be believers) until they make you (O Prophet) the ruler over them (the decider over them) in that which they dispute.” [TMQ 4:65]

So if we claim to have Imaan and at the same time say that Allah (swt) never breaks His oath, then the only option for us is to work to establish the Khilafah. To work to make Rasool (saws) hakim over us. The ruler over us. Not these hukam of the Arabs and the Indian Sub Continent, who rule for the Americans and the British. Not those disgraceful people, who when your Muslim brothers and sisters are being punished in Palestine by the Yahood, they send to them rocks, they send to them stones. And they said to them “Our stones are harder than yours so take this gift”. Is that the response of Mutasim Billah? Or is this the response of these traitors who have an arsenal of tanks that they bought from the Americans and they can only send stones to help their children being murdered in Palestine.

So anyone who claims to have Imaan and claims that Allah never breaks his promise he must work until “they make you (O Prophet) the judge between them in what they dispute”.

And indeed the scholars have commentated on the evidences that prove Khilafah is Fard. And they have commentated upon the division amongst the Muslims that we see today. And first I will begin with a quote from a Sahabi Abu Bakr Siddiq (raa) who in the Seerah of Ibn Ishaq has been reported as saying before he was given the Bayah to become Khalifah, and he said to all of the Muslims who were Sahaba, he said to them and they all consented upon this. I quote “It is forbidden for Muslims to have two Amirs, two leaders, for this would cause difference in their affairs and concepts. Their unity would be divided and disputes would break out amongst them. The Sunnah would be abandoned, the bidah (innovations) would spread and the fitnah (tribulations) would grow and that is in no one’s interest.” So brothers and sisters I call you to the work of Abu Bakr Siddiq. That what he called the Sahaba to when they were discussing what to do after the death of the Prophet (saws) when they had no Khalifah and did not know what to do. A situation which only ever occurred again now, when again we have no Khalifah. I call you to the words he called the Sahaba to when he said “It is forbidden to have more than one leader. It’s forbidden because it causes disunity in our affairs it make us fight each other. It make the bidah grow and it makes the Sunnah disappear.” And we see in the reality that we are fighting each other, the bidah has grown and the Sunnah has vanished. And these are not just the words of the Sahaba. In fact Imam Shawkani wrote in his book Tafsir ul Quran al Azeem, Vol 2 page 215 “It is known from Islam by necessity” which means if you don’t know it you have no excuse you are still sinful “that Islam has forbidden the division of the Muslims and the segregation of their land.” This is the Tafsir of Imam Showkani, well known and well renowned. What about the Tafsir of Hassan al Muwardi who said in his book Ahkam as Sultaniyah “It is forbidden to have two Imams at the same time”. And Imam an-Nawawi (rah) who has said in his book Mughni al Mutajh, Vol 4 page 132 ,”It is forbidden to give allegiance to two leaders even if in different parts of the world. Even if they are far apart”. And Imam Nawawi said in Sharh Sahih Muslim chapter 12 “If a Bayah was taken for two Khulafah one after the other, then the Bayah for the first will be valid and should be fulfilled and honoured. Whereas the Bayah for the second, this would be invalid. It would be forbidden to honour it. This is the right opinion which the majority of scholars follow and they agree that it would be forbidden to appoint two Khalifahs at any one given time no matter how great and expanded the Islamic lands become.” This quote of Imam Nawawi in Sharh Sahih Muslim was to explain the many hadith which are found in Sahih Muslim, one of which came and he then said this based on this hadith “If you have elected two Khalifahs, then kill the second of them”. So it is decisive.

The situation which we are living in today in which we have 53 rulers all competing with each other for our resources to please their masters in the West, this situation is forbidden but not only is it forbidden it is known from Islam by necessity which means if you don’t know you are sinful for not knowing. This is the verdict of the Quran and Sunnah and the opinion of the Sahaba and the opinion of the Ulama. Not these modern Ulama who study from the government controlled institutions, such as Shaikh Tantawi who has been personally appointed by the tyrant Mubarak. Mubarak the man who abrogated Jihad. And he appointed the Shaikh al Azhar, Tantawi. This Shaikh who when a man, as was reported in a newspaper al Quds al Arabi, he gave a khutba and a sincere uncle of ours went forward and said to the Shaikh “Why do you not speak about the Jihad for Palestine?” and the Shaikh slapped him in the face. Slapped him in the face. So we quote you the opinions of the Ulama that are respected by the Ummah. Imam an-Nawawi, Imam Juzair, Imam Ibn Hazm… all of their quotes in front of me many of which I do not have time to quote to you. Imam Shawkani, the Sahaba, Abu Bakr Siddiq. Who can override these words of Ijma Sahaba, Quran and Hadith?

So we must work for the Khilafah if we wish to save ourselves from this humiliation in which we are living in. If we wish to save ourselves not just from the humiliation in this life but from the humiliation in the Akhirah where Allah (swt) will ask every one of us I told you via my Messenger Muhammad (saws) that a Muslim is a believer, is a brother to another Muslim. He does not let him down, he does not abandon him. So why did you let your brothers down in Palestine? Why did you abandon your children? Why did you abandon Sara, the 18-month old girl who was shot in the head by the Jews? Why did you abandon her? Allah (swt) will ask us and he will grip us. And Allah (swt) says that “The grip of your Lord is severe”. So we must work for the Khilafah if we wish to save ourselves in this life and the hereafter. If we wish to be counted among those who have Iman and fear Allah (swt). We must work to unite the Muslim Ummah. And this is not an easy task. It will require sacrifice, time and effort. But since when did a Muslim think he’s in Jannah on this earth. How can you get Jannah without sacrifice? So to conclude and to build confidence in this matter I wish to quote a hadith of the Prophet (saws) in the Musnad of Ahmad, which predicts that through this work for the Khilafah indeed the Khilafah will return. The Khilafah will come back. And Hudhaifah (raa) has said that the Prophet (saws) said “The Prophecy will remain amongst you as long as Allah wills, then when Allah will He will take it away. Then it will be Khilafah Rashidah for as long as Allah wishes. Then when He wishes He will take it away. Then there will be biting leadership for as long as Allah wills. Then when Allah wills He will take it away. And then there will be tyrannical rule for as long as Allah wills. Then when He wills He will take it away. Then there will be a Khilafah on the method of the Prophet. And then the Prophet (saws) remained silent.”

Which means the Prophet (saws) came and went. The Khilafah Rashidah came and went. The biting rule of the Umayyads and the Abassids and the Uthmanis came and went. The tyrannical rule is today and then again there will be a Khilafah on the way of the Prophet (saws). And then he remained silent. So this work is not impossible. It has been prophesied that it will come back. And indeed it has been prophesied that this Khilafah will rule the whole of the Earth As is reported in Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmidhi, Ibn Maja, al-Hakim and in the Musnad of Ahmad that the Prophet (saws) said “Allah gathered for me the Earth, and I saw its East and the West, I saw all of it. And the authority if my Ummah will dominate all of it.” So Inshallah, we as an Ummah will conquer this Earth with the rule of the Shari’ah, with the light and the justice of Islam. But Allah (swt) never changes the situation of a people until they change themselves, so we must work for the Khilafah or otherwise fear the death of Jahiliya as the Prophet (saws) has said in a hadith “Whoever dies and he does not have the Bayah upon his neck, he dies the death of Jahiliya”.



By Br. Abu Dujanah Al-Canadi

The Muslim Ummah is a dead nation…

Like the Persians and Romans before us, our Ummah has lost it’s supremacy over other nations and now we are ruled by puppets and figureheads of the Kuffaar. Currently, there is (literally) no country on Earth where Islaam rules its people completely, so therefore, we have no leadership. Allaah has stated quite clearly in His Book, the Qur’aan, that only He has the right to govern: {You do not worship besides Him but only names that you have forged, you and your fathers, for which Allaah has sent down no authority. The Hukm (rule or judgement) is for none but Allaah. He has commanded that you worship none but Him; that is the straight Religion, but most men know not.} [12: 40]

Our so-called rulers today are not the Islaamic leaders that our beloved Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) ordered us to obey. Instead, they are tyrannical despots who have put their own laws in place of the Laws of Allaah. Essentially, they are the pharaohs of the twentieth century. And what does Allaah say about these people?

{…If any do fail to judge by (the light of) what Allaah has revealed; they are Kaafiroon (disbelievers).} [5: 44]

How could it be that these Kuffaar are to be obeyed?… Why should they be treated any differently than how the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) treated Abu Jahl, or Abu Lahab; the Kaafir leaders who oppressed the Muslims in their time?

What does Allaah Say we should do with them?

{But if they violate their oaths after their covenant (peace treaties) and taunt you for your Faith; then qatilu (i.e. fight) the leaders of Kufr, for their oaths are nothing to them. That thus they may be restrained.} [9: 12]

The reason that Allaah considers these leaders to be Kaafiroon is that by legislating laws that are not in agreement with Allaah’s Sharee’ah, they have actually made themselves as gods of their own religion. Since Islaam is all-encompassing, and includes such things as laws and punishments, then any other system is a rival to Islaam and any leader of that rival system is an enemy to Allaah. With their open enmity to Allaah’s exclusive Right to legislate, they have initiated a struggle against Allaah for the obedience of man. They have, in essence, declared war against Allaah for the role of supremacy.

{…Thus did We plan for Yusuf. He could not take his brother by the Deen (law) of the King except that Allaah willed it so…} [12: 76]

Here we see that Allaah describes the system of law of the King that employed [Prophet] Yusuf (‘alayhi Salaam) as a ‘deen’ (i.e. religion).

{They (the Christians and Jews) take their priests and their holy persons as gods beside Allaah…} [9: 31]

In the Tafseer of Ibn Kathir, a story is related from a hadeeth about this ayah: “Adi ibn Hatim, one of the Prophet’s (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) Companions, (who was a Christian in the Pre-Islaamic Days of Ignorance) said to the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), “They (i.e. the Christians and Jews) never worship them (i.e. priests, holy persons, saints etc…).” The Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said to the man: “They certainly do! They (i.e. priests and holy persons) make what Allaah has forbidden permissible, and they make what Allaah has made permissible forbidden. (And the Christians and Jews obey them in that.) That is how they (i.e. the Christians and Jews) worship them.” [Ahmed, At-Tirmidhi]

From this hadeeth, in explanation to the ayah, it is clear that anyone who accepts any system other than Allaah’s Sharee’ah is worshipping the one who has put his laws in place of the laws of Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala). And this is a major form of shirk and anyone who commits a major shirk has left Islaam.

There are some countries in which some of the laws of the Sharee’ah are enforced, however, the few Islaamic laws which are actually implemented, only reach the poor and powerless. What does Allaah say we should do about those who establish only some of his Deen?…

{And fight them until there is no more fitnah, and the Deen is for Allaah…} [2: 139]

(According to Ibn Kathir’s Tafseer, ‘fitnah’ here means ‘shirk’, or competition with Allaah’s Supremacy).

{And fight them until there is no more fitnah, (same meaning as above from Ibn Kathir’s Tafseer) and all the Deen is for Allaah (alone, always and everywhere…)} [8: 39]

From this, we can understand five things:

1. There can be absolutely nothing legislated other than the Sharee’ah of Islaam. And there can be no governing except by what Allaah has revealed.

2. Whoever has put his own laws – instead of the Sharee’ah – into the governing of man; is committing shirk and Kufr and has left Islaam.

3. The rulers who have done this are the leaders of Kufr. They are at war with Allaah (Ta’aala) and must be fought and killed, until all Deen is for Allaah alone.

4. Whoever knowingly accepts this anti-Islaamic form of governing is worshipping the Kaafir leader who has set himself up as a god of his own deen. And this person has, therefore, left Islaam.

5. The nations before us were destroyed for implementing only some of the Sharee’ah. And this is what has actually happened to us.

This is why we Muslims are in the state that we are in today; We have abandoned that which Allaah (Ta’aala) has prescribed upon us, and accepted other deens to rule and govern us, with little, or no resistance. As an Ummah, we are dead. We are a bunch of sheep scattered throughout the Earth, being picked off from all directions. Just as the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) has prophesied: “One day the nations will call each other from all horizons to attack the Muslims as hungry diners eating from the same plate in front of them.”

A person asked the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), “Is it because the Muslims will be so few in number at that time?” The Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) replied, “No! But you will be as the foam on running water (i.e. useless and ineffective). Allaah will put fear into the hearts of the Muslims, and remove the fear from the hearts of your enemies because of your love for this life, and your hate for death.” [Ahmed and Abu Dawud]

Clearly, the remedy to the ailment of the Muslims today, is to bring back that which brought Islaam to it’s greatness in the past. So how can we bring back the Laws and Deen of Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) as a system of government?… What was it in the past that kept Islaam ruling mankind, instead of Kufr?… It is no coincidence that these problems started at the same time as the downfall of the Khilaafah. But there are many Muslims today who think that there is no reason to reinstate the Khilaafah. They can be heard sarcastically asking, “Where did this thing (i.e. Khilaafah) come from? Is it even in the Qur’aan?”

{And when your Lord said unto the angels: ‘Verily, I will place my Khaleefah (deputy or vicegerent) on Earth’…} [2: 30]

Here we see that it was Allaah’s Will to have a Khaleefah on His Earth; establishing His Laws and ruling by what He reveals. And His first Khaleefah was the first human in creation: Adam (‘alayhi salaam). This Khilaafah was passed, by Allaah (Ta’aala), to each Prophet He sent to a nation, until it reached the best of the sons of Adam; our beloved Messenger of Allaah; Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdullaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). When the life of our holy Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) came near its end, he himself chose Abu Bakr (radhiallaahu ‘anhu) to lead the prayers of the Muslims as he was too weak to lead them himself. And this occurred four days before the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) died. [Saheeh Bukhari 1/99]

After the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) had finished his mission and died, it was unanimously agreed upon by the Prophet’s Companions (radhiallaahu ‘anhum) that Abu Bakr be given the Khaleefah, since he was the one the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) had picked to perform his duty (i.e. the leading of prayer).

This was how the Khilaafah was passed from Prophet to Muslim, and since there will be no Prophet after Muhammad (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), it was to remain in the custody of the Muslim Ummah until its inevitable demise. We are living in the time after the demise of the Khaleefah. But it will return as the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) has indicated: “Prophethood (i.e. the Prophet’s leadership) will remain with you for as long as Allaah Wills, until Allaah removes it by His Will. Then there will be the Khilaafah on the way of Prophethood, for as long as Allaah Wills, until Allaah removes it by His Will.

Then there will be kingships that will rule with thulm (i.e. oppression) for as long as Allaah Wills, until Allaah removes them by His Will. Then there will be kingships of cruel dictators who rule with thulm for as long as Allaah Wills, until Allaah removes them by His Will.

Then there will be the Khilaafah on the way of the Prophethood again.” [Narrated by Ahmed]

Here we see that the Khilaafah was destined to leave us, and it was promised that it will return. This was the promise of the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam). The period of prophethood-like Khilaafah has passed. The period of kingships has passed. (This was when the Khilaafah was being passed only from father to son. Many of the Prophet’s Companions (radhiallaahu ‘anhum) and their followers refused to support these leaders because of this, and were subsequently oppressed.) We are currently living in the period of oppressive kingships that rule as cruel dictators. The next phase is yet to come – and come it will – when Allaah Wills.

And indeed, until Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) returns the Khaleefah; the leader of Imaan (i.e. Faith), He, the Most High, has instructed us to: …qatilu (fight) the leaders of Kufr…} [9: 12]

Brothers, we can see quite clearly that our Ummah is a dead nation. We know why, and how it died. And we know that Allaah (Ta’aala) wants us to be led by a Khaleefah who will implement His Laws, and who will rule man by Islaam. We know that this Khaleefah is coming back. For it was the promise of the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) that it would leave, and then return by Allaah’s Will.

We know that when our Ummah was under the leadership of the Khilaafah, it was alive. And we know that this Khilaafah will bring our Ummah back to life. And from Allaah’s Book, the Qur’aan, we know what we must do to those tyrants who oppose the ruling of Islaam; who have made themselves enemies of Allaah (Ta’aala) by waging war against Him.

May Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aala) hasten the day when the Khilaafah will return, and may He remove us from the oppression of our tyrannical rulers. May He Bless and Reward His warriors; the Mujaahideen, and may He grant Islaam Victory by their hands. May Allaah (Ta’aala) join us with them, to fight for Allaah, against His enemies. Ameen.


4 thoughts on “Khilafah”

  1. the companions were the best generation of this ummah so allah (swt) blessed them with the best of leaders ie, muhammad (saw). Now do you seriously think that we are practising islaam like the companions of muhammad (saw)did? The answer most likely is NO. hence the rulers we have today reflect our qualities as muslims, and have been placed above us by allah (swt). our humiliation by the hand of kuffar my be seen as a punishment from allah (swt) theummah, not merely as a symptom of corrupt rulership. what did allah (swt) do to nation before us who fell into neglect, sinning and above all – Shirk which is rampant across most of muslim world today)? did allah (swt) only destroy the rulers of such nations or was the punishment inflicted on everyone in that nation except those whom allah (swt) saved, due to them worshipping allah (swt) alone without associating any partners with him. look at the examples on the nations of nuh, loot, hud, salih may allah (swt) be pleased with them. So the issue here is to rectify oursefs and our families upon the way of muhammad (saw) and his companions by practising tawheed and implementing the sunnah of the messenger upon the understanding of the companions before we all start to bleme the rulers allah (swt) has appointed over us!

  2. May Allah reward u in abundance ,جزاكم الله خير ،اللهم اجمع كلمة المسلمين و وحد صفوفهم

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